1978 MG B Roadster

Just in.....a rust free Southern car, perfect ORIGINAL floors, excellent body, beautiful in bright red with new black interior.

So far, our tests....175-180 psi compression in every cylinder (higher than expected, could be a milled head), zero smoke, 65+ psi oil pressure. Perfect. Engine fitted with a new Weber carb, brakes all new (including wheel cylinders), new suspension bushings, pre 1975 ride height springs, new tie rod ends, wire wheels, fairly new radials, brand new top, tonneau, etc........

Just installed: new wood steering wheel, new stereo/CD with USB in/out, new speakers, a complete chrome bumper conversion with all new chrome,. And a wonderful MGB, ready for Spring driving.

NOW..........currently with the 'MGB' side stripes. The consensus of our staff was 'leave 'em on.' You don't like them? Easily removed.

Can't begin to convey how nice these cars are to drive. While ANY MGB is a nice driving sports car, these late model cars have better trans mounts, smoother engines, better gearboxes, sensational ride, and with the performance and aesthetics add ons we have installed, the result is really eye opening. Okay, doesn't do 0-60 in 4 seconds and doesn't generate the lateral forces of an old Fm III car. But lets face it, in a 55 mph environment, where 200 mph Lambos and Ferraris garner primarily bragging rights, having a fun English sports car makes more and more sense. After all, on the road, it isn't how fast you are going, rather, its how fast you THINK you are going.

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Inventory Number: NE-1978-2
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