1979 MG B Roadster

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Just finished an extensive reconditioning......

Upon arrival: nice, clean example....perfect floors and body, older BRG paint, ran like new, excellent driving.....a good starting point for a rather elaborate level of improvment

Alas, typical of a 'rubber bumper car.' LOTS of strong points....improved dash with bigger gauges, servo assist disc brakes, front and rear sway bars, superior ride, thoroughly factory undercoated, comfortable, reliable, electronic ignition, electric radiator cooling fans, really the best of the MGB line of cars.

BUT, those heavy and ugly front and rear bumpers, raised up on its suspension with negative effects on handling. A single Stromberg carb and only 62.5hp......Ugh. But not for long.......

Now, finished a complete, professional chrome bumper conversion, lowered to early ride height, eliminated the less than attractive side lights. A lot of work but worth it.

And on this car, really worth it as it has perfect working overdrive giving quiet, refined cruising and improved fuel economy. Perfect floors with no sign of rust or repair. AND....just converted the car to wire wheels with all new splined hubs, hardware, and new chrome knock offs. Now finished, in many ways, the best all around MGB.

First, dumped the old carb, fitted a Weber 32/36 DGV 2 barrel, improved manifolds, HUGE difference in performance.

We painted the car in a darker BRG, did the engine bay, door jambs, under the hood and trunk, looks great. Has a stereo/CD, tan cloth tonneau, trunk carpet, wood wheel, and a new top.

But, perhaps, best of all....look at the interior......all new and done to an unusually high standard....covering and/or dying all of the interior to match the all new tan interior....gorgeous. And really works well with the wood dashboard and wood steering wheel. By eliminating the headrests and doing the upholstery to cover the seat tops, we were able to duplicate the 'look' of the earliest MGB. The result being, I think, the most attractive single MGB we have ever done. And if you agree....visit and we can go for a drive.

In today's car market, hard to find a usable 'small 'sports car. Miatas are great (I own one) but no personality. Older Aflas have their virtues (one is in my barn) but require a good shop to keep it on the road. The latest incarnation of the Fiat 124? Good luck...... What else? Honda S200s were neat cars but they are getting old and expensive to service, and others? All of this makes a sensational MGB looking pretty good...easy to service, very inexpensive parts, fun to drive, we can install a/c and a powerful supplemental heater for all season use, will keep ahead of most traffic and on those proverbial winding roads, an MGB is as much fun as ANY car.

Worth considering.

Inventory Number: NE-1979-18

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