1979 MG B Roadster

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Just in from California......absolutely rust free chassis/floor, excellent body with new deep maroon paint, a complete chrome bumper conversion.....new sheet metal, lights, chrome, brackets, grille, sie lights eliminated, etc....lowered to pre 1975 ride height.

All new black interior, new top, wood dashboard, modern stereo/CD, half tonneau, rebuilt front end, rebuilt brakes, new servo unit, new alternator, excellent electrics, etc.

Wire wheels, new air conditioning assembly with powerful supplemental heater.

Even details such as chrome threshold covers, carpeted trunk, spare wheel cover with MG insignia, new leather steering wheel.

Rebuilt engine, new Weber carb with electric choke, new tubular headers, electronic ignition, 4 speed with perfectly working overdrive (offering six forward ratios).

All in all, a super well prepared MGB that offers a reasonable alternative to a contemporary car......great for distance or just country driving. In all seasons. With a powerful supplemental
heater (in addition to the factory heater), efficient modern a/c, quiet, smooth, and (of course) a lot of fun to drive.

Inventory Number: NE-1979-23

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