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Year: 1979

MG B Special Edition


Stock # NE-1979-30

Now, to be candid, am not typically fond of rubber bumper MGBs and, as you can see reading through our ads, we typically change/modify virtually every one we acquire. Primarily performing a chrome bumper conversion.

So, I find this car quite special.....the first rubber bumper car I ever had that I would keep exactly as it is. And this is why..........

Drove it home and found it runs, drives, even 'feels' like a brand new car. On a 90 degree day in traffic, ran nice and cool. Okay, a bit more performance with the Weber carb and tubular racing headers, but the rest felt like a crossbreed between a modern Toyota or Mercedes or Honda and a funky old MGB sports car. Quiet and smooth, excellent ride and steering, light (aided by the servo unit) disc brakes, trunk and interior lights work, not a spec of rust anywhere..........49,000 original miles and clearly the product of a charmed life.

Interior is spotless, engine bay very clean, original wiring like new, the 'Special Edition' alloy wheels, and a certain period elegance with the beautiful burled wood dash and console covering.

I own an MGB roadster, a 'hot' 1965 with twin Webers, 5 speed, four wheel disc brakes, modified suspension. Fast, loud, and fun. Sort of the opposite of this black 1979 B, Which is an absolute dream to drive.

Still inspected, doesn't miss a beat, and it actually (I have to admit) is a nice little touring car. Was up to 85 mph on the way home, cruised nicely at any practical speed, even had a bit of oomph when I put my foot down on the accelerator.

What would I do IF I chose to keep this car? I think I would install a modern stereo/CD unit, maybe lower the car back to pre 1975 ride height, but not much else. With its improved ignition and cooling systems, I would expect reliable use, and while NOT a clone of my fire breathing 1965 roadster, in its own way, a lovely little classic sports car for daily and weekend use. Easy to service, will never depreciate, and lots of fun to own and drive. Geez, even take it to a show now and then. What fun.

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