1980 MG B roadster (SOLD)

A beautiful, rust free example, black over black. And one of the very best late model Bs we have seen.

Really excellent body, recently completed a $6,000 bare metal respray and it truly has a 'mirror' finish. Coupled to new chrome wire wheels, excellent rust free floors, all new interior, wood dashboard, new top, nice leather steering wheel, new 185/70 radials.....sensational.

New wiring harness, rebuilt engine, new 32/36 DGV Weber carb, improved manifolds, brakes done, new fuel pump and regulator, brake lines, muffler, coil.....not everything but most of the things that wear from use or age have been replaced.

Starts instantly, runs perfectly, zero smoke, 140-150 psi compression, 70-75 psi oil pressure when warm, it doesn't get much better than what we found in our tests.

And best of all, in my mind, the only rubber bumper cars that seem to have a nice harmony of style is cars like this one....black with black bumpers. Works well. And looks good.

These later model MGBs were far superior cars.....electronic ignition, thermostatically controlled electric radiator fans, a super efficient (and larger) radiator designed for the MGB GT V8 cars in England, front and rear sway bars, power assist disc brakes, bigger and better gauges, better controls, and have had less time to rust. In addition to thorough factory rust proofing.

IF you want a nice, sweet, great riding, steering, and handling classic sports car, effortless to drive or own, this car in many ways is sort of 35% Honda, Toyota, Nissan and 65% classic British car. Not bad.

Inventory Number: NE-1980-28
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