1980 MG B roadster (SOLD)

Truly one of a kind. What we purchased was a very expensively restored 1980 rubber bumper MGB with (and this is verified and documented) $50,000 worth of repairs, maintenance, and improvements over a fifteen year period!

What we got: excellent body, rebuilt modified/improved engine, supercharged, rebuilt overdrive transmission, power disc brakes, excellent body, floors, structure, the most expensive wheels (knock off Minilites), high performance free flow exhaust, and.....but.....a bit worn around the edges.

What we have and just finished.....body was/is excellent, was stripped and painted in a deep Jaguar BRG, a complete, professional chrome bumper conversion with a new Mk I grille, new bumpers, lights, sheet metal, etc. VERY quick and with a wonderfully mellow sound from the performance exhaust, trans works perfectly as does the overdrive, front end feels like new, we installed a thicker front sway bar for crisper handling, has tube rear shocks, oil cooler mounted under the front panel, ALL new tan interior (with great attention to detail, dash disassembled, dyed to match the interior, same with center sole, door pockets, every little detail), Honey teak wood dashboard, new stereo/CD with USB input, extra powerful auxiliary heater under the dash in addition to the factory heater/2 seed blower, new wood steering wheel, inertia reel belts, luggage rack, brand new top and tonneau, painted and detailed engine bay, 75 psi oil pressure when hot, zero smoke, THIS IS ONE INCREDIBLE MGB.

Has electronic ignition, twin thermostatically controlled radiator fans PLUS a third fan manually operated (we built a bullet proof cooling system), back up solid state fuel pump, battery switch, remote jumper terminals, added every conceivable option to build an ultimate MGB.

AND we added a factory hardtop painted the same color as the body.

Wheel are the most expensive available....center lock 'knock off' Minilite style wheels with 185/65 high speed Falken radials. And being splined hubs, we can easily switch for painted or chrome wire wheels.

Details....LED bulbs in the gauges and interior light (which works properly on both door jamb switches), hydraulic hood and trunk lid lifts, carpeted trunk, spare wheel cover, extra loud horn, a slick panel under the dash with 12v outlet, twin USB outlets and a digital voltmeter, an extra 12v outlet behind the radio console for my (or your) XM radio, proper MG rubber mats, the stereo has two new door speakers and two quality 6X9 rear speakers and sounds fantastic, new door weather stripping, new window rubber strips and sealing brushes, washers work properly, handbrake adjusted, new chrome knock offs, the list is close to endless.

Starts instantly, runs flawlessly, really rousing performance, great handling, excellent brakes, smooth, refined, and.....incredible. And it looks pretty good. With a truly 'mirror finish.'

(but don't count on stopping in, unannounced, to see this fabulous sports car. As on a typical day, it is nice and happy in my barn. Hence, 'by appointment only')

Inventory Number: NE-1980-29
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