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1980 MG B roadster (SOLD)

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The perfect car for us to create a sensational classic sports car for a potential buyer.

We just acquired a 1980 MGB, 47,000 original miles, purchased from the family of the deceased former owner. Who was in the midst of a first class restoration.

Had been sitting for some time, we installed a battery, started instantly, ran flawlessly, no smoke, 75 psi oil pressure, no bearing noises, quiet valves. Excellent. And after a careful overall check, we found: new factory hood and trunk lid, new factory rockers, new trunk floor (yes, the last owner did a lot of work).. New stainless steel exhaust, all new tan interior with leather seats, new black cloth top with zipper out back window, Weber 32/36 DGV carb, improved manifolds, AND like newer MGBs, has front and rear sway bars, electronic ignition, thermostatically controlled radiator fan, power assist disc brakes, bigger gauges, better electrics, extensive factory rust proofing......later cars were, in many ways, the best MGBs of all.

Now, we have started work.....consisting of lowering the car to pre 1975 ride height with new polyurethane bushings and lower springs, converting to wire wheels with all new splined hubs and new chrome knock offs, adding a wood steering wheel, a modern stereo/CD. And, if not sold, our intention is to paint the exterior (and engine bay, trunk, and door jambs) in a deep British Racing Green.

Oh yes, those bumpers. Three choices: leave them as they are, prepare and paint them body color (using a special additive to make the paint flexible to stay on the rubber bumpers) or perform a complete professional chrome bumper conversion. In fact, while doing this work, we can also eliminate the side lights, fit a Mk I grille, and the exterior would be identical to the earliest and best looking MGBs. And the early cars ARE great looking but lack a lot of safety equipment, reliability, and the improvements to cooling, electrical, and so many other areas that late model MGBs offer.

And, of course, since we are starting with a rust free body shell, beautiful tan leather interior, on and on........we can add: a V6 engine/5 speed upgrade, air conditioning, a powerful supplemental heater, four wheel disc brakes, supercharger, and so much more. Call and we can discuss options.

Inventory Number: NE-1980-33

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