1982 Alfa Romero Spider Veloce

Just in, purchased from the daughter of the deceased former owner.

First of all, she told us her father has spent a small fortune on the car....$8,000 alone on the paintwork. And it shows. Beautifully done, no orange peel, as they say 'straight as an arrow' and with mirror image reflections.

I went over the exterior, around the headlights, rockers, lower quarters, lower parts of the doors with my magnet and no trace of plastic filler.

The we purchased the car, drove it back to our office, over twenty miles, stuck in traffic for fifteen minutes (on a warm day), temp didn't vary from 180 degrees. Oil pressure was the top of the gauge (at 114 psi), was still at around 110 psi at the end of the trip. Absolutely perfect. All other gauges worked, zero smoke on cold start, zero smoke when I arrived, gearbox was perfect (and it is common to have a weak synchronizer on 2nd gear), excellent ride, steering, and handling, brakes worked well, and I had it up to near 90 mph and it was a wonderful initial trip.

What else? Expensive black cloth convertible top (and if you unfamiliar with these cars, top goes up and down in seconds and seals very nicely....quiet and dry in storms.....I love my rather crude English cars but love all seasons use in my own Alfa), very nice tan carpets and leather seats, very clean trunk, modern stereo/CD, tidy engine bay, a set of Italian made alloy wheels with nearly new tires, quiet exhaust, working power windows, the original boot cover, crawled underneath and didn't see any rust whatsoever (and, lets be candid....who spends $8,000 painting a rusty car?), overall it is a very nice Alfa. With power assist four wheel disc brakes, a 2 liter aluminum fuel injected twin cam engine, and a sophisticated suspension.

Just in, ready to drive anywhere.

Inventory Number: NE-1982-5
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