1984 Lotus Caterham Super 7 (SOLD)

A superb car we sold seven years ago, just got back from a very happy owner.

Formerly owned by the ex President of Lotus USA, well cared for and properly serviced. Left hand drive, footwell extended to accomodate a 6'3" driver (...and it does), excellent body and paint, high performance 1700cc SuperSprint Ford engine, dry sump, 3/4 race cam, new twin Webers, headers, close ratio transmission, LSD, Spax adjustable shocks, electronic ignition, alternator, Panasport alloy wheels with little used Kuhmo high performance tires, leather seats, new carpets, full weather and road equipment, licensed and inspected in Connecticut.

AND IT GOES>>>>>>>>>>>>> A fast, remarkably 'tame' road going race car. Consider this.....okay, you drive a Maserati/Porsche/Ferrari/whatever that 'Top Gear' reported does a half a zillion miles per hour. But, hey, in a 65 mph society, what good is it? Maybe better to visit your inlaws in the family Prius and, on weekends, go for a blast in the countryside in the closest you can come to a road going Formula car. NOW, that is fun!!!!!!!!!

Been doing it for the forty one years have owned my own Lotus Super 7. I leave distance driving to something a bit more civilized and when I REALLY want the 'feel' of performance, do it in the ultimate small performance car. With the illusion of being Stirling Moss at the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix or Jim Clark at Monza or wherever your dreams may take you. But this car starts on the button, idles nicely, has blinding acceleration, and doesn't cost an arm, a leg, and a big chunk of one's 401k to service and maintain.

Also a note..........car has an authentic Lotus VIN plate, Lotus title, Lotus badges....and is a Caterham. However, IF one cared to 'own' a Lotus, well, here it is.

Has a roll bar, full racing harnesses, perfect car for club or track day events. With minimal expense or effort. All in all, for a FUN car, a PURE FUN car, just about ideal.

Inventory Number: NE-1984-1
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