1990 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible (SOLD)
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Bought this car 15 years ago for...well....fun. With a growing son, wanted to have a stylish, enjoyable, very usable four seater. And having owned Saabs...99 Turbo, 900 turbo 3 door, etc. even (back when) a few 95s and 96s and Sonnett II, III, and IV, the 900 Saab seemed ideal.

How beautiful......black with tan leather, excellent black cloth top, alloy wheels, low profile high performance radials, slightly lowered, always admired the looks. With the following specs: 2.2 liter 16 valve engine, Fuel injected, 5 speed, four wheel disc brakes, front wheel drive, fast, economical, and thoroughly enjoyable to drive on fast winding roads.

My car: fitted with an expensive Alpine stereo, CD changer in the back, I acquired the car in 2001 with 104,000 miles, at 115,000 miles had a top local Saab expert rebuild the transmission, fit heavier duty bearings, and a new clutch......... Transmissions being the Saab's one weak spot. Car now has 121,000 miles. Engine performs very well, doesn't use any oil, brakes, steering, controls are all in excellent working condition. Hence, have driven the car 17,000 miles over the last 15 years.

To be candid, I only used this car in the way I would use a Morgan, Healey, Lotus, or MG. Drives in the country, back roads, back and forth to work. Heater is awesome, has a heated driver's eat....and just had the a/c serviced and charged...works fine,

However, for the 'fun' quotient, I always found the car to handle like a Porsche, cruises nicely at 95 mph (which I did, for a few miles, on the way to the office to put the car in our inventory(, last year we rebuilt the power top operating equipment, great steering, ride, comfort, and other than the transmission work, has been faultlessly reliable.

Parting with it reluctantly, but with a four seater Morgan and a late model VW Super Beetle cabriolet in my barn, this additional classic four seater is, perhaps, one too many. Has a new battery, good quality performance exhaust, brakes have been done recently, and I wouldn't have the slightest qualms about driving it anywhere.

And the rest is told in the photos.

We who loved Saabs mourn their passing as they always were wonderful cars. And in my mind, this roomy, comfortable four seat open Saab 900 Turbo is just about the best of all of 'em.

Inventory Number: NE-1990-4
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