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We have in stock five or six rebuilt MGB engines....from early pre smog units to later 18V assemblies.

Many with standard bores and crank journals ('virgin' engines), bores measured and honey, cranks polished, new main and rod bearings, new oil pumps, complete valve jobs, etc. And available at bargain prices.

Also have a freshly done MGA 1500 engine, two TR3/4 engines (2.2) liter, and the real jewel: a freshly rebuilt XPAG MG TD Mk II assembly....freshly done engine, 60 over, standard crank, new clutch, head redone, tested transmission, complete with Mk II SUs (H4s), manifolds, generator, starter, water pump and fan, ready to drop into a soggy TD or TF. Even comes with a blank engine tag to ensure 'matching numbers.'

Which on the subject, have a few other TD transmission, all tested on the road, and a few rebuilt MGB (early and late) transmissions.

Cylinder heads? Virtually 'as new' aluminum crossflow and non crossflow heads for MGAs and MGBs. And, of course, the crossflow heads allow use of twin DCOE Webers on one's MGB (like...on my own).

Lots of used 'unknown' MGA and MGB transmissions along with TR3/4/6 units. A perfect time for Summer housekeeping here.

Inventory Number: NE-vari-1

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