Given the volume of work we do, it's inevitable that we have some premium parts taking up space around here. Take a look below and see if there's anything to suit your need.

A RARE OPPORTUNITY if you need a drive trains for your T Series MG. We have for sale, a freshly rebuilt (and fairly rare) MG TD XPAG Mk II engine (one of 1700+ built with higher compression ratio, bigger carbs, and more power), we have bench run it and found 145 psi compression in every cylinder, 75 psi oil pressure, new standard rod and main ...

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In stock....a variety of rebuilt engines. Have four early MGB engines, standard bore and crank, new rings, bearings, valve job, etc. Ready to install. And, remember, these early engines (all five main bearings) were rated at 98hp making them the most powerful engines ever fitted to a 4 cylinder MGB. They also work wonderfully in an MGA providing as much horsepower as the latter MGA ...

We recently sold a beautiful 1968 Riley Elf Mk III with 31,000 certified miles since new. And the customer wanted more power, hence purchasing a modified 1275 Cooper "S" engine/trans assembly from us. With around 100 hp. So, we now have the Riley's engine/transmission for sale. As listed, 31,000 actual miles, we did a compression test and found it to be 190-195 psi in every ...

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Ford and Lotus engine parts
1500 120E bloick, bored, fitted with steel main caps 1300 steel billet 12 bolt crankshaft 125E twin cam con rods Ford 1500 30 over pistns, new Ford 105E/109E 1,000 cc steel and cast cranks Baflled enlarged sump for 1500 Ford Martin finned cast aluminum oil sump for Fm Junior (a work of art) 3.55 ring and pinion for Lotus Elan, new Twin Weber manifolds for ...

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Steel Wheels
We have done a lot of wire wheel conversions on TDs and TFs and the result is that we have a good number of TD/TF steel wheels. Interested?

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Have several MGB transmissions in stock.....both early and latter units. All stripped, checked and/or replaced synchros, seals, etc. Ready to use