TC/TD/TF engine-transmission

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A RARE OPPORTUNITY if you need a drive trains for your T Series MG.

We have for sale, a freshly rebuilt (and fairly rare) MG TD XPAG Mk II engine (one of 1700+ built with higher compression ratio, bigger carbs, and more power), we have bench run it and found 145 psi compression in every cylinder, 75 psi oil pressure, new standard rod and main bearings, +060" pistons, balanced, new clutch, slightly milled head to raise compression ratio, Mk II HS4 SUs, complete with manifolds, distributor, water pump, starter, generator, absolutely complete WITH an excellent transmission (tested on a running/driving car) and driveshaft. This is perfect for any T Series MG missing its original drive trains) but is exact for a TD or TF. And yes, we will supply a blank octagonal engine plate so you will wind up with 'matching numbers.'

As I write this, saw a TD engine on eBay for $4,700 (starting price) in unknown condition. While what we can offer is complete, tested, rebuilt, painted and detailed, ready for installation.

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Inventory Number: NE-PN-3