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In stock....a variety of rebuilt engines.

Have four early MGB engines, standard bore and crank, new rings, bearings, valve job, etc. Ready to install. And, remember, these early engines (all five main bearings) were rated at 98hp making them the most powerful engines ever fitted to a 4 cylinder MGB. They also work wonderfully in an MGA providing as much horsepower as the latter MGA Twin cam engines. Add a Ford T9 5 speed transmission and the result is one lively MGA (I know, I did this conversion on my last MGA)

And a few later model MGB engine, completely rebuilt and ready to install. Also unrebuilt engines we can redo to your spec.

Also have a freshly rebuilt MGA 1500 and 1600 engines in stock. Ready for installation. A 1600 we just finished is the most remarkable having a standard crank (rods and mains) and standard bores. For a 58 year old engine, this is an incredible find. And we also new hardened valve seats (lead free) new exhaust valves and guides.

A recent acquisition is a genuine Mini Cooper 1275"S" engine with 3/4 race cam, sitting on an all synchromesh transmission, manifolds, carbs, complete and taken out of a good running car. We stripped it,m found standard rods and mains, 40 over flat top high compression pistons, and it is getting new rings, bearings, timing chain, clutch, valve job, on and on. THIS is a genuine Cooper S engine, not a '1300' Austin America engine. And is ideal for someone building a proper Mini Cooper 1275"S" car.

AND..........three TR engines....both to TR4 spec with 2.1 liter bores. Completely redone with new pistons, bore, bearings, valve job, etc. With new and rebuilt SU carbs.

Call for details and specs.

Inventory Number: NE-PN-4