Mini 998 engine and transmission

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We recently sold a beautiful 1968 Riley Elf Mk III with 31,000 certified miles since new. And the customer wanted more power, hence purchasing a modified 1275 Cooper "S" engine/trans assembly from us. With around 100 hp.

So, we now have the Riley's engine/transmission for sale.

As listed, 31,000 actual miles, we did a compression test and found it to be 190-195 psi in every cylinder, 70 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke on cold start up or when hot and running. About as good as one might imagine.

And the Riley engine ran a higher compression ratio than a stock Mini 1000, was more powerful, and also has its original SU HS4 (instead of an HS2) carb. AND has the Cooper "S" 3.44 final drive making highway use far more relaxed.

Included with the engine is a starter motor, alternator, manifolds, SU carb, air filter, shift linkage, etc. Complete and ready to be installed in any 'classic' Mini.

Cleaned, panted in correct BMC pea green, sitting on our showroom floor and ready for use.

Inventory Number: NE-PN-6