Drive train for MGA or MGB

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This is what we can offer....a rare 3 main bearing MGB engine, freshly rebuilt race engine now slightly retained by milling the 11.5:1 race pistons down to 10:1 flat tops, balanced, lively (I would say a strong street grind) camshaft, new aluminum crossflow head, mildly ported, two brand new 45 DCOE Weber carbs, tubular racing headers, electronic ignition, mated to a freshly rebuilt very close ratio 5 speed transmission, drive shaft, still in our car (so can be seen, run, and test driven), FABULOUS for an MGA (with more power and, with the crossflow head, equally as exotic) as a twin cam but with faultless reliability OR an MGB.

And DO NOT be misinformed, even after the 5 main bearing B engines came out, the BMC competition department retained use of the 3 bearing engines....smoother, more power, easier revving. AND if you don't exceed the red line, no, they do not blow up.

BUT they retain the MGA/early B engine tach drive which is a dandy thing to have. And if installed in an MGA, all one needs to do is carefully grind part of the '1800' casting number to look like a '1600.' After all, a snap to see a later B just doesn't belong in an MGA. But this engine would........

Cost of engine was $3,500. Head and Webers and manifolds around $4,000. Trans and adapter kit was $2,500. And all freshly done. $10,000 worth of 'stuff' for $7,000. Sorted, tuned, adjusted, and ready to remove from our car and into your's (and yes, we can do the installation).

Why (you wonder)? We decided to do a V8 conversion on our car, hence one's opportunity to have this entire drivetrain. Oh, also included is a new state of the art aluminum radiator. A LOT OF STUFF for the money.

Inventory Number: NE-PN-7