Watkins Glen 2010

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Hadn't raced at the Glen since 1987....geez, they freakin' changed the track? Gosh, just didn't remember the kink in the back straight, yet, there it was...........

Went there in October for a VRG event with my friend Neil and his Mallock (purchased from my collection). Cool, no, cold...no, COLD but sunny, dry, and what a nice place to go. With memories of the US Grand Prix and the great drivers of the 1960s.

Not much to add......the video is, oh, maybe the first 10 minutes of the Sunday race....started behind a very modern Sports 2000, was passed by a couple of Formula Fords, was not one of my more inspired races (on a cold track and with cold tires, I tend to back off a lot and pretend there is 'invisible oil' on the track). So, 'round and 'round we went, in the end, kept ahead of the Fords and the Sports 2000 broke a manifold leaving moi in first place. A thoroughly undeserved win.

But thats how it goes in end of the season historic and vintage racing. Some of the best don't show up or break, some of the better go home early, some of the medioce are left running...and win.

Somehow I don't think our finishing position goes on our permanent record. In fact, amongst ALL of the racers, the same attitude....'who cares?'

But a neat video showing this historic track (and the kink), kind of fun to dice with the mid engined racers with the front engined Mallock, and the crossing the finish line first was definately anti climactic.

NOW in 2011....we'll be at Summit Point in May (with three Mallocks), Tremblant in July and September, the Glen in October, back to Summit on Thanksgiving, and who knows what and where else? Could very well be talked into the new thru-the-streets race in Springfield, Mass in July...with the old, very tired, elderly '59 Super 7. In its 33rd racing season.

But still some time ahead of us to prepare, maybe even a better race camera (these videos were done with a $90 Canon).