Tremblant 2011 Historic Race

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So, after a wonderful time, in July, at our favorite Canadian vacation spot and a rip roaring race against fire breathing competitors........September for the Fall Historics was easy, pleasant, and fun. As always, great food, delightfuel ambiance, and one of the finest race courses in the world.

Being punted off the track on the last corner of the last lap in July, the repair was easy...just some scratches on the left rear wheel and a few gouges on the left rear fender. Good as new, a quick check over, and back to Canada. This time with my friend Neil driving an MGB we prepared for my son (who at 17, could very well be at this event, as a driver, next September).

Easy trip up, unloading in the Paddock, seeing some long time Canadian racer-friends and meeting new people. Clearly the best part of vintage and historic racing. And, 'cause it is a race, checking out the competition.

In this case, a truly mixed bag of cars....MGs, Formula cars, a Lotus 23B driven by my friend Andre, Lotus 7s, a rare Unipower, Ginetta, nice cars but hardly competition for the Mallock. Essentially a Front engined Formula Ford BUT with wider Fm II wheels/tires and no limit to engine modifications. And in the case of the Mallock we were driving, a lot of modificaitons.

No problem in early practice but at the end of the third session, Neil stopped on couirse. And when dragged in (at the end of a rope) we found the upper radiator hose had bursted. Back into town, a new hose, fired up but (as they say in racing), didn't sound so good.
Removal of the rocker cover illustated the down side of driving a water cooled race car with no coolant. #3 exhaust valve was stuck. And a compression test showed 155, 155, 0 and 20 psi.

The head came off to find #4 piston....melted. Like a candle. And that was it. The B was strong, second fastest in practice and in Neil's capable hands would probably have had a good chance of beating all of the many MGs in the event. But it was not meant to be and he signed up at the Jim Russel karting school and had a blast in one of their 36hp racing Karts. While I was having fun on the circuit.

Won the first race by 24 seconds over Andre's beautiful 23B. And 47 seconds ahead in the second race. The video, here, is of the third 'feature' race on Sunday. Was two seconds slower than in July (with more competition, hotter track, more desire to go faster) but it was sufficient to win and lap all but two of the cars in the field, finishing 1:47 ahead of the number 2 car. The Mallock performed flawlessly in three practice and one qualifying sessions and in three races. And this time, went back home with no scratches on the bodywork.

A quick go over, cleaning, and polishing the aluminum and now ready for the last event of the year (weather dependent) at Summit Point on Thanksigiving. And then....a long Winter's sleep in the barn and ready for Summit next May.

What fun.