Tremblant 2011 Qualifying Race

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Part 1

Well, back from our 2011 adventure, the wild Legends event at the truly magnificent Tremblant circuit in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec.

Now, see, I have done 34 years of vintage and historic racing and, for the most part, quite genteel. Oh, fast racing, sometimes very competitive, have raced with Brian Redman, Stirling Moss, Bob Akin, some former SCCA National champions, greats, near greats, and some wonderful people. But, for the most part, GENTEEL. As in close racing but with a modicum of restraint.

Yeah. 'Till this weekend. YIKES, no restraint in this event. And why? Well, the little 1600cc pushrod powered, solid back axled, cute but not exactly Grand Prix material Mallock was pitted against...... Well, pitted is the right word. As in tag team wrestling or, maybe, Roman Gladiator combat?

In my group, here were some of the IMSA Thunderbird, an 800hp Camaro, and (from what I was told) the fastest, best driven GT350 in the country. With, when I asked the driver, 'come on, be truthful, HOW MUCH horsepwer?' The answer was 575.

And all of these cars on slicks.

Me on treaded intermediates.

'Twas a hell of a competition.

These two videos, a two part in-car digital video was the second day, the qualifying race. Had gotten down very close to 1:50 flat and started 4th. Behind the IMSA car, the Camaro and the Shelby. And in front of a host of Porsche RSRs, super fast Mustangs and Shelbys, Lotus 26Rs, Super 7, Alfas, Jaguar E Type, etc. Quite a bit field of very fast, very well driven historic racing cars. With drivers from all ove the US, Brazil, Canada, Europe.

And this video...had a hell of a drive, finished 4th but turned the second fastest lap time, low 1:49s (for my first time), VERY close racing, and was gridded 4th in Sunday's feature race.

As the video shows, the GT350 (aka 'out for blood') was superbly driven at 11/10s. What a scene to watch, sideways through every corner, locking brakes all the time, even the rear end swerving from the power being applied to the back axle. And I had the best seat in the house! But, as you will see, the race ended under the yellow flag which was just as well as my video card reached the end of its capacity!

A great race, my car was flawless, never missing a beat, never even going sideways and never locking anything. Smooth, averaging nearly 90 mph, beautiful weather, and afterwards! Ah, crepes with fruit de mer. And live jazz at my favorite outdoor bistro. All part of a 'genteel' race event.

With decidedly non genteel competition. But all good guys, all fantastically well prepared cars, and some very very intense driving.

All of this leading up to Sundays race.....................continue to those two videos.................

Part 2