2012 Racing Season

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Hard to believe but we are in the thick of our 35th season of racing. And, as with last year, running our Mallock Mk XIB Sports/racer. While our 1959 Lotus Super 7 Series 1 has been a dream to own and race, I think for the near (and distant) future, its racing days are over. Its till very fast with its ex Cooper Fm II 1.5 liter Climax engine, still handles superbly, and the brakes have never been better. BUT, it is old. Nearly as old as I am and THAT is too old to race.

Had a good time at Summit Point in May.......was trying out a new exhaust system but otherwise unchanged from last season. Went well in practice 'till forced off the circuit by a driver who was unable to see out the back window of his GT40....just as we were about to fly by him. A bit of nose damage but otherwise okay.

And in qualifying, knew it was time to come when when a black cat ran 'cross the road in front of the car, had the plexi windshield shattered by a high velocity stone, and as the first race was gridding up, the starter failed.

Not good omens.

Nevertheless, in a busy field of mostly 914-6s and 911 along with five Lotus Super 7s, started fourth on the grid. Had a good start, got to turn one leading the pack, opened up a lot of time, slowed down a bit when the #2 car was invisible in my mirrors, and won by nearly 15 seconds. Was a fantastic run, even on three year old tires, and at 1:22, knocked a second off my fastest previous lap record at this circuit. Faster than a Chevron B16 and all of the Formula Fords.

With faint memories of the black cat, decided to quit while I was ahead and went home.

The broken racing screen was replaced with Lexan, an errant wire was off the starter, a bit of body repair and paint got the car's nose sorted out, and ready for our next outing...the Legends event at Circuit Tremblant in Quebec.

Had a few good runs there over the past couple of years. In 2010, came in 3rd overall a second behind a Lola T70 Spyder and on the same lap as the winning McLaren Mk IB. Two mid engined, V8 powered Sports/racers against the 1600cc Fm Ford powered front engined Mallock. AND WELL ahead of every racing Porsche including some RSRs and a LeMans style 910.

Last year, for some ungodly reason, wound up with a pack of decidedly illegal Trans Am cars...all on slicks, horsepower ranging from 450 to 800 and driven by the wildest, but best and fastest drivers I have ever seen. Also, nice guys.

Qualified in 3rd, passed by a few, passed a few more, was in 2nd place when bumped by the 3rd place GT350 and......off and back on the track, DAMN, a Porsche got by, and finished 4th. BUT the results showed first in the B/Sports racer class.

And at the end of the season, against admittedly slower competition, won each race and on the last, lapped all but two cars in the field. A nice close to the 2011 season and I guess it is 'see what happens in 2012.'

Of course, I guess there is more to the story as 'girlfriend' and 'son/heir' are slated to try out a dandy MGB race car we have in the stable. My son, Josh, went through the Jim Russell Karting school at Tremblant last Summer and got his Canadian national racing license. And Virginia is gonna see if her penchent for 'driving fast' equates to GOING fast at a driver's school at Pocono. Soon.

I guess 'we shall see.'