Summit Point 2011

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A fun weekend in Summit Point on the main track.....only did open practice on Thursday (weather was expected to be dreadful and we took the conservative approach to racing...quit while you are ahead). This video, trying out a new semi professional video camera/system, worked well. WIth a video of our practice session with the Formula cars and a modern Sports 2000.

In the video you will see my friend Frank, driving our 'back up' Mallock, he passes me, I do a few laps to warm the tires, and then fly by him. And a few laps later, zip by my friend Neil in his Mallock. Quite remarkable for the U.S.A...a 'three Mallock' event.

All three with 1600cc Ford (that is, Formula Ford) engines....dry sump, twin Webers (either 45s or 48s), solid back axles (although Neil's rare Mk 15 has a DeDion rear), very simple, very conservative front engined racers. Sports/racers but, in reality, Lotus Super 7s on steroids.

The rest of the cars in the field were a mixture of Formula Fords, Formula Vees, Formula Juniors, even a winged B car and the Sports 2000 that started in front. BUT the Mallock was having a good day and seemed to have passed everyone on the track.

Certainly was running perfectly after a long Winter's sleep and didn't miss a beat. Handling, braking, engine, clutch, all systems were perfect. AND THE CAR WAS FLYING. Now....ready for our Legends entry at Circuit Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.

At last year's Legends, was classed (or, perhaps, 'misclassed') with the Cam Am cars....really, in their day, the world's fastest sports/racers. All mid engined, all with fire breathing V8s, all with Formula 1 sized tires....McLaren, Lola, Porsche. Ridiculous. But in the end, the little 1600cc front engined Mallock came in 2nd in the qualifying race and 3rd in the feature....a second behind the 2nd place Lola T70 Spyder. So, a fun car, one that has the capability of real performance and one that is NOW being prepared for the July race in Quebec. Video to be posted after the race?