Year: 1961

Morgan Plus 4 Drophead

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Stock # NE-1961-19


The rarest of the different body styles offered by Morgan. A three position Drophead up, top down, top half way up (but open above the driver/passenger's seat).

EXCELLENT mechanically......I was a bit stunned (as a long time Morgan owner and former owner of several Dropheads)....very quick, no smoke, 90+ psi oil pressure, smooth and maybe the best Moss gearbox I have ever encountered. Incredibly good synchromesh action, quiet, works perfectly.

Disc brakes, wire wheels, VERY clean body with very good older paint, all original and properly working instruments, new beige interior, chrome, glass door windows, runs and drives like new.

Hard to imagine a 'luxury' Morgan but if any is, this is it. Snug top, good fitting glass side windows, more elaborate interior and wood dashboard, and a wonderful 1930s look. Yet with all of the normal Morgan virtues....quick, better than expected ride, great style, good weather equipment, and a car built by a company still in business (since 1910). And yes, parts are quite readily available.

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