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Year: 1980

MG B roadster


Stock # NE-1980-34

Just in.

An excellent starting point, show quality black paint, no bondo, perfect underneath (floors, inner sills, rockers, frame pieces, battery box), all new tan leather interior, new wood dash, modern stereo/CD, new top, boot cover, 140 psi compression in all cylinders, 65-70 psi oil pressure, zero smoke hot or cold, new single SU conversion (double the price of a Weber conversion and seems to run smoother with the same power.

4 speed transmission with overdrive on 3rd and 4th gears, works perfectly, clicking in and out smoothly and quickly.

We just finished performing a professional (and somewhat elaborate) chrome bumper conversion including removal of the side lights (filing the holes with welded metal and blending in the paint), and fitted new bumpers, guards, sheet metal, lights, and Mk I grille. Now, more or less looks exactly like the earliest and best looking MGBs.

YET as one of the last Bs, has an impressive series of improvements over earlier cars: stronger gearbox and back axle, larger radiator with electric cooling fans, servo assist disc brakes, better electrical system, front and rear sway bars, bigger gauges, safety door locks, face level air vents, and extensive factory rust proofing.

Very impressive underneath.....chromed headers, all chromed exhaust system and muffler, and not a spec of rust. Quite rare in any 40+ year old car and leads us to suspect this car was always babied, cared for, garaged, and treated as a fun toy since brand new. And in the common vernacular of people describing their show Alfa, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, or whatever.....'body is 'laser straight' and there is a true 'mirror image' in the paint.

And now, with the work we just finished, improved aesthetics, higher performance, and superior handling. Literally the best of all worlds.

A reliable, fun to drive car with six forward ratios to choose from, excellent steering, braking, handling, and ride, parts are readily available and generally quite inexpensive, all in all, a wonderful little collector's sports car.

(and as options, we can offer air conditioning, a powerful auxiliary heater, rear disc brakes, engine performance improvements, chrome wire wheels, you name it)

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