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Year: 1952

Morgan F Super Trike

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Stock # NE-1938-1

What a car.......the product of $50,000 in parts and subcontract, hundreds of hours of expert work, and the result is a beautiful, detailed, excellent running/driving Trike.

And as shown on the current title, 10,900 `ACTUAL miles since new. And who am I to dispute the Motor Vehicle Department? But truth is, seeing the owner who restored the car put 1,400 post restoration miles on it, the actual mileage is sort of academic.

Trike? Well, here is the story....in the early part of the 1900s, in England, taxes for purchase and use of a car, that is, four wheel car, were expensive. But a way around the taxes was to build a car with only three wheels. Which is a description of the first Morgan ever built in 1910. Using Morgan`s patented early independent front suspension known as `sliding pillar.` Pretty advanced for 1910.

This continued through the 1910s, 20s, and into the 1930s. Mostly with V twin motorcycle engines, either air cooled or with radiators. And in 1934, to provide an even more refined car, the model `F` and the more advanced `F Super` came out using the (in the future, fitted to every Morgan built) Z shaped chassis. And now, using a four cylinder water cooled English Ford engine, three speed transmission, a more refined car.

In 1936, Morgan offered their first four wheeled car, the 4-4....four cylinders, four wheels. But continued meeting the demand for three wheelers. Right up to the end of the Trikes in 1952 And this car is reputedly the last Trike built.

As the photos show, a literal body off, frame up restoration. Lovingly done by its owner. Perfect chassis, all new wood framing and bulkheads, rebuilt Ford E93a, 1172cc engine, new brakes, excellent wire wheels, new Avon 400:18 tires, leather seats, new wiring and electricals, beautiful dashboard detailing, original Smith chronometric speedo, updated with working turn signals, electronic ignition, trickle charger, and lots of little details.

Original style luggage rack, folding windshield, all working lights and horn, brake light, even spare keys, manuals, invoices, a thick wad of info for the enthusiastic owner. As they say, `it is all there.` And if my arm is twisted, willing to include the `third ramp` for my trailer, a necessity for a three wheeler.

The perfect car for someone who wants to participate in shows, dazzle their neighbors by driving an ancient three wheel car, or just behold in your garage. Eligible for vintage racing anywhere and consider this.....you enter a show with your restored 356, TR3, E Type, TC or TD, Healey or whatever. And as you enter the show field, you find there are a dozen other identical cars! Being that the Trike register in England knows of 107 of these cars from 1934 to 1952, not much chance of meeting another.

Note: this car is in my own collection and is never at our showroom, however can be seen any time, evenings or weekends in my barn. I have driven it a good bit, runs and drives nicely and hasn't missed a beat. (can now be seen live in BAT auction site)

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