We have been a licensed automobile dealer since 1974 and 2020 is our 46th year in business. Over the years, we have had a fascinating assortment of classic sports cars, vintage and historic racing cars, and even a somewhat curious selection of 'odds and ends.' To give you an idea of the variety in which we have dealt, this would include: Frazer Nash, HRG, OSCA, Condor, Moorland, Merlyn, Dellow, Bandini, Siata, Alpine, Sunbeam, Ginetta, Rochdale, Abarth, Tojeiro, etc. HOWEVER, to make our lives easier, a few years ago we chose to specialize in Lotus, MG, Morgan, Austin Healey, and Triumph... And be able to offer cars from $6,000 to $60,000 and beyond with the bulk of the cars in the 'affordable' $10,000 to $40,000 price range.

We started in Pennsylvania, in 1974, selling and servicing older Morgans, MGs, Jaguars, Rolls Royce, Healeys, and other cars from the 50s and 60s. In 1976, we moved to Stratford and are now in our third location; each within a mile of the other and each move into a larger facility.

We first got involved with vintage racing in 1977 with a road going Jaguar XK-120M roadster and quickly graduated to a 1959 Lotus 7 Series 1 which first turned a wheel at Lime Rock in 1978 with the Vintage Sports Car Club of America. A few years later we acquired a 1959 Lotus 18 Formula Junior and then a 1961 Ginetta G-4 for SVRA historic racing. Which, after 17 wonderful seasons is now sold and presumably giving its new owner a lot of joy...actually, if you check out our showroom, we just repurchased this incredible car and it is again for sale.

Our current operation is located three blocks off exit 31 of the Connecticut Turnpike (I95) five minutes from Bridgeport, Connecticut and an hour from New York City. Operating out of New England, we sell and ship cars worldwide. We like to say we take cars from England and put the "New" back in them. Our three showrooms typically have forty five to fifty five cars for sale and our four workshops can handle nearly twenty cars at a time.

The company's service and restoration facilities can undertake complete body off, frame up restorations with staff specialists capable of handling rust repair, body and frame fabrications, engine/transmission rebuilding, suspension, wiring, electrics, hydraulics, interiors, and fitting tops and tonneau covers. In addition, we have extensive experience preparing and rebuilding cars for vintage and historic racing.

The inventory we typically carry contains a variety of classic sports cars for road use, vintage and historic racing cars, and a nice selection of dual purpose road and race cars. A joy to view, a pleasure to operate, and a thrill to own.

AND SPECIAL NEWS: August 2020 was our busiest month in 46 years of continuous business. And June of 2020 was our second busiest month. And in the midst of a pandemic? I am asked 'why' and it is just my guess.......IF your company now has you work from home, what a fun hobby to 'tinker' wiht your classic. And, even better, what a wonderful way of practicing social distancing, driving your classic and having fun. And, in the end, isn't that what is all about?

These are some of the things our customers have been saying about us:

Hi Marc,

Hope you had a good Christmas.

Yes, the vehicle arrived Wednesday evening and you were right in that the battery was dead. It needed a jump.

Otherwise, the car is fantastic and better than what I expected. You and your crew did a great job!

I do have one question about the switches. I know the one on the right is for the fog lamps. Is the one next to it the back up fuel pump?

I’ve included a photo of the switches below, another myself very happy on Christmas Day!

Thanks again and happy new year!


Marc: I just wanted to send you a note about the 1978 MGB that I bought from you a few weeks ago. I am just loving that car! I haven’t had an MG for almost 40 years and this one drives like it came off of the new car lot. I absolutely love the way you “de-uglified” it by performing the chrome bumper conversion and changing the color of the interior. It drives like a newer model MGB but looks like the more classic, beautiful and iconic earlier model. I Really appreciate your expertise and insights about my car and about LBC’s in general. As you know this was my 60th birthday present from my wife. Driving it brings back a lot of fond memories. Thanks again!!


From Robert & Bonnie,

Thank You for a Perfect Buying Experience


Bonnie & I wish to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in buying our 1983 Carbodies FX4 London Taxi from New England Classic Car Company. What made this such a wonderful experience is that we had to conduct our business long distance (1250 miles) via phone calls and emails and not in person. We had to put our trust in you for all the answers we needed before deciding to buy.
Bonnie was very apprehensive about buying this vehicle with only pictures and your responses to our concerns. However, she is now very glad and satisfied that we put our trust in you and purchased the taxi. The difference is a result of the extra effort you made over many days checking out additional details about the taxi in order to answer the questions we raised. The price was very reasonable and our concerns focused around specific interior details which you, without hesitation, got us the answers we needed.

The Taxi arrived here just 4 days before a British Car Show in New Orleans. Bonnie said if we wanted to go to the car show, I had to drive only the taxi, and not any of our other cars, for those 4 days to ensure our confidence in making the trip so soon after buying the car. Needless to say, Bonnie & I drove the taxi to the show and enjoyed ourselves. Lots of people there, older and young alike also enjoyed getting a chance to step inside, see how roomy it is, and even have family members take their picture in the back and/or the driver’s seat. When people see that the driver is sitting on the right, they say “It’s the wrong side.” I enjoy responding, “No, it’s the Right Side.”

We are able to have fun because you and your company sold us a very clean and proving to be very reliable classic car that runs well for traveling to car shows. We can’t thank you enough for the pleasure we now enjoy because of your efforts. Your honesty, courtesy and attention to detail helped us decide to purchase and the rest is now history.

As a final note, Bonnie and I belong to the South Alabama British Car Club (SABCC). Many members of the club are very impressed with the condition of the Taxi and excited for us to be able to show it off.
Once again, thank you for, as the British would say, a very Singular Experience.


Hi, Marc --

As promised, a few words on the '79 Fiat/Abarth ... with photo attached of the car parked next
to the yacht club. Having great fun with it here on Cape Sable Island. It gets lots of attention
at the local doughnut shop and elsewhere. Guys try to guess what it is ...
Alfa...Triumph...MG... etc. Fiat is a surprise. Anyway, the car is a delight; my wife loves it
(although she can't drive it) and -- after 2000 plus miles -- all seems to be rock solid.

Again, thanks!

-- P

I may have to buy another car because of your competency


I waited until now to tell you that, thanks to you, this was the best summer of my life.
Everywhere we went everyone commented on our absolutely gorgeous Triumph. People wanted to know where we had the restoration done, because of the quality of the exterior, the beauty of the interior and the humming of the engine.
Thanks again for taking a true barn find rust bucket and turning it into the car of our dreams!
D. and M. A------

Hi, Marc.
The car is running great now!
You have sooooo nice mechanic!
Great service!
I'm very happy with "new" "old" classic car!!

MGA 1600 MK-II....62,525 original miles, third owner. Excellent original 1622cc MK-II engine, 150 psi compression in every cylinder, no smoke, 65 psi oil pressure when warm, perfect running condition. Body, fit and finish all beautiful. Excellent transmission and back axle, runs, drives, steers, handles, brakes perfectly. New convertible top and tonneau. Very rare original Morris radiator, original wire wheels, new tires, factory oil cooler, wind wings, wing mirrors, badge bar. Interior is perfect, all gauges work, carpeted trunk, chrome luggage rack, MG floor mats. Sensational touring or around the neighborhood classic sports car. British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certified vehicle.

I purchased this vehicle from New England Classics nearly three years ago and had the vehicle shipped to my home in Illinois. The entire transaction and delivery went flawlessly. The vehicle was exactly as described in their advertising from paint, to interior to drivetrain. My wife and I have enjoyed it on beautiful days these past three years and are purchasing another collector vehicle. The whole ownership experience has been outstanding and I would definitely purchase another vehicle from New England Classics.

Marc - just to let you know it arrived OK and is running great. Thanks
for everything. I'll talk to you later. Howard

thank you for the very nice job on my mga restoration. took it out yesterday and it runs and looks great.
two questions. is it a 12 volt battery replacement, since there is one battery, but two battery boxes?
also, where do i find the vin number when looking at the car? when i go for the vin verification i need to find it?
i think it is a 1959 1500 am i correct?
thanks again for the good work

Hi Marc,

S******* and I want you to know that we could not be more pleased with our 1966 MGB. It is everything you said it would be and an absolute joy.

We were extremely happy with the entire process including seeing all the cars in your showroom and workshop, your candid spot-on recommendations, and the work you did on our car prior to delivery. We particularly appreciated your taking the time to discuss the pros and cons of different MG production years both in terms of potential mechanical problems and resale potential.

We have already recommended you to others and look forward to staying in touch. Please do not hesitate to give our names to others as a reference for New England Classic Cars.

Attached is a photo of our car last sunday just before taking it out for a spin.

G & S


The reason I haven't written sooner is that I have been too busy driving the heck out of my new car. It arrived dusty, but pretty much perfect. No dents, no scratches, nothing. (Cowboy took good care of it) You are a rarity, especially in the car world. A man of your word.

I'm sure I'll have some late night Elan questions for you; I'll be taking you up on your offer to share advice one of these evenings when I just can't figure something out.

For now I am off to the races... Well, not literally without a roll cage and fuel cell, but you get the idea.

Thanks again for making it possible without even seeing this beauty first.

Yours, Jeff C.
Chicago Illinois

('Cowboy' as mentioned is one of the more colorful transport drivers that delivers cars to customers for us....5'3", cowboy hat, enormous handlebar moustache, great guy)

Dear Marc,

I just want to tell you the Elva Courier arrived and is just as you described. In fact it is more than I expected. It looks better than the pictures but the pictures were great. I am absolutely thrilled with the car. It is also a big advantage to have the original logbook. The provenance of the car is well documented showing the car has raced throughout the U.S. and at tracks no longer in existence such as Riverside in California.

I was concerned with buying a car sight unseen but your reassurances regarding the condition and provenance of the car were quite accurate. I would not hesitate to purchase another car from you and would be happy to recommend your company.

Leo M.
Bradenton, Florida

(As we advertise, we really can't do better than our 'best' and we thought this was a very nice old race car. I guess, from the feedback, we were right. Yeah, it happens now and then)

Hi there! ...

...The reason for writing again is to congratulate you on your essay about your policy/view/opinion. I think you are very right and there are not too many dealers out there who so openly and frankly explain their business. And I see the many years of experience in the trade... Usually one hears a lot about strange dealers, but there are tons of strange customers out there, too. Good luck and good business! Greetings from Stuttgart/Germany and take care,


(Strange customers? How about the fella who purchased an MG TD from us, thought we were the best on earth, the car the pinnacle of collector's perfection, the world wonderful, and everything peachy keen. Then drove off, found the oil pressure dropped 20psi when it reached operating temperature, turned around and came back with steam coming out of his ears and STRONG words spouting from his mouth! GOD was this guy FURIOUS. And threatening. Talk about a bi-polar personality. Turned out that some mechanic in the car's dim past connected the oil pressure gauge line to the feed going to the cylinder head (aka 'low pressure). Took us half an hour to convince the buyer we were not the devil incarnate, put the line back where the factory installed it originally, watch the oil pressure go back up to 'factory-new' and hen head back on the road and back to his cave. Whew. What a hassle. Wonder where he is now (not really))....PS we find half the TDs we ever buy have the oil pressure line connected at the wrong spot and learning from Mr. Bi-Polar, we always correct them BEFORE we sell 'em. Now.

Hello from Montana where there are quite a few of us that drive often, race weekends and enjoy the huge open roads, big blue sky's and very few Hiway Patrolman, in our import sportscars. I refer people searching for a good car to your site often as I am small potatoes to you guys. Just developing my classic car business and website as I had too many I could not resist buying. I just finished the engine in a nice 73 MGBGT (stock MT car). Check it out: http://www.bigskyclassicmotors.com/1973_MGB_GT.html

Thanks again for your great site.

Mike A
Bozeman, MT

Hi Marc,

I owe you a note of thanks. I confess, I was surprised to receive your nice letter (and check), as I had given up hope of being accomodated. I read and re-read your letter many times, marveling at how articulate, poised, and just plain nice its sentiment was. It felt good to have my instincts vindicated, although I am keenly aware of the fact that every aspect of the law was certainly on your side... And I could have easily been just... Out of luck.

As I have told you in the past, I am an active participant of the 6-pack technical forum, a Yahoo! interest and distribution group for Triumph TR6 enthusiasts - some 500+ registered members. Periodically, members will petition the group for technical advice, buying and selling advice, etc... Including referrals. I look forward to expressing my positive experience with New England Classic Cars, if and when that opportunity arises.

Also, I will certainly keep you in mind for my next purchase, Marc. I'd like to own a TR3 someday... Again, thanks for your kind consideration.

Regards, Pete K.

(uh, oh, we had a bit of a dispute with Pete....maybe a 'misinterpretation?' Like Paul Simon once wrote, 'one man's ceiling is another's man's floor.' But as this letter kindly shows, we reached a reasonable accomodation with the owner and ended the transaction happily)

Dear Marc,
While reading the Letterbox column in a 1988 "British Car" magazine I found a letter from you identifying cars at a VSCCA event at Byar, New Hampshire. It moved me to write & thank you for selling me my magnificent burgundy & black +4, 4 seater. I've never had one bit of trouble. Three cheers for you & New England Classics, Inc.

Earl S.

(Hard to believe, Earl showed up at our showroom to take delivery of his new acquisition, hopped into the car WITH HIS ENTIRE FAMILY (four)...and drove home to Maine! Incredible...PS they made it!)

(PS I love Morgans, own four, and have no intention of driving that far in any of them. When I take one of my Moggies to Quebec for summer vacation, I ALWAYS trailer it behind my Suburban. Old cars I love. But also love a/c, quiet environment, and a smooth ride on long trips)

Marc, remember the 1960 MGA #NE-1960-8 that I purchased off of you, well, I know how you feel about car shows. This Saturday the 13th of Sept, I entered into the British Car Club of Delaware car show at Delaware City, Delaware. There were approx 130 different British cars from PA, NJ, MD and DE entered in the event. In the MGA class 1955 to 1962 of the 8 cars entered I took third place... Not too shabby for my first show. I had done minimal work on the car... I installed the spin off oil filter as you had told me to do, I had to replace the exhaust manifold donut, bought a new top and side curtains, and had the car undercoated and waxed it prior to the show. This reflects back onto you I am very satisfied with the car... and I will keep in touch...


PS. By the way, I did not trailer it to the event, I drove it

(miracles DO happen)

Marc: I'll leave you this message instead of phoning you,when your business is opening I will be asleep after working all night. You were right, the battery was just dead, after a couple of jumps I nursed it a few blocks home, and the Lotus is now sitting proudly in my garage. I'm going to get a battery charger. I am beyond delighted with the car, you were right, it looks like a gem. It arrived dirty, but in perfect condition with no scratches, dents, etc. What a relief! Driving home I didn't get past 2nd gear, and I can tell that the car will really fly. It is amazing sitting so low, you are almost on the pavement, and you do feel as if you are going faster than you are. I'm getting it registered/insured in a few days and then will drive around Carmel and work on my stick shifting. I haven't driven a stick shift in about 20 years. The gearbox is nice and tight, as you said. Thanks for the information and the nice Lotus keyfob in the glovebox. Especially thank you for giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a dream machine.

You are so friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive (and total integrity, a rare thing anymore). You are one of the only people I would consider purchasing a car from on the Internet. I am really enjoying the great JVC stereo you put in, too, it is really nice. The interior is hard to believe after 32 years! You and I lucked out and made a good connection on this deal. I wish I were not 3,000 miles away, I would love to tour your showrooms (someday). Anyway, everything great so far, I will keep in touch, and I will certainly recommend your dealership to everybody. I left you very positive feedback on EBAY. Talk to you soon, and thanks so much for everything!

All the best, Carl S.

Finally got the Morgan across the border and home safe & sound. I'm very pleased with the car.
Here's the owner's manual back, thanks for the loan of it.

It was good doing business with you, and I hope to do so again in the future.

-Kurt. V


On behalf of my brother in law Bob ***** and myself, I would like to thank you for making the purchase of my "58" Sprite and his "67" MGB such an enjoyable experience. We both feel that your descriptions of the cars on the website and the info you gave us over the phone were spot on. It can be a little scary making such an investment sight unseen, but both cars have exceeded our expectations, and have performed above and beyond your representations. Sadly, we have both put our babies to bed for the winter, but are excited about the forthcoming spring. It's comforting to know that there is an antique car dealer of integrity in this world. Please feel free to use any or all of this message for your customer feedback section of the site and may you and yours have a very happy holiday season. Again, thank you Marc.

-Steve C. - NY


The Turner is now safe in Switzerland, with my E-type. Everything went smoothly, and the car delivered directly to my garage ! The car is exactly as described and the engine seems very healthy (no chance to try it on the road due to bad weather)

Thank you so much for your help and kindness. It has been a pleasure to deal with you !

First competition in May or September



(Yet another in a long line of highly successful sight-unseen sales)

Hi Marc

I've been traveling internationally for the last few weeks. I will be in town Monday a.m. and will wire transfer the outstanding balance at that time. I'm excited to have the car for California spring and summer! FYI the TR3 is awesome!


- J

(TR3 was his first sight-unseen purchase, now finishing up a beautiful MGA for him)

... I'm very happy with the deal, and I would be glad to testify to any potential future purchaser from you that I got a very fair deal and was treated right, especially for a buyer of a car sight unseen from a seller on the other side of the continent.
Regards, John

( Another exciting and satisfying sight-unseen eBay sale )


I learned some time ago that it is best to praise in public and chasten in private. I assume this email will somehow wind up on your website which is about as public as it gets.

I had been looking for a TR3 for a long time, preferably a red one with black upholstery, and in decent shape. I had a 1957 TR3 in the late 50’s and early 60’s and it was a terrific car. However, when our first child arrived it didn’t meet the definition of a family car so we said goodbye (to the car). I think it was about 1980 that I bought a TR7 but it wasn’t what I had expected in light of my experience with the TR3 twenty years prior; I can’t tell you exactly what, but it was different.

About ten days ago I stumbled upon New England Classic Car Co. and there it was: a red 1959 TR3A, with black upholstery and in very good shape. Within 48 hours we were able to agree upon a price and a date for me to pick up the car in Stratford four days hence.

Your representations of the condition of the car and the improvements that you voluntarily executed were right on the mark. I applaud you and your technicians for the quality of work and the determined work ethic in getting this car ready for the 254 mile drive to New Hampshire. With the top down and a sunny sky above all went well. From discovery to my barn took just six days.

I thank you for your honesty and the quality of the work done by your staff.

It’s a sunny Sunday and we are going out for a drive in this 51 year old Classic.

Happy trails,

W. A.

Wolfeboro, NH.

Hello Marc.

It has been a little over a week now since I got my car home and I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks! The car looks and runs GREAT!

As you know, I bought the car unseen – based solely on your thorough description on eBay. To say I was a bit worried when I won the auction would be an understatement.
After meeting you personally, however, all my concerns quickly disappeared.
You were a pleasure to deal with. Your knowledge of vintage cars certainly helped get me through my initial apprehensions. And the small modifications to the car that you suggested (and eventually completed for me) made the car that much more ‘user friendly’. (attached is a picture of me and the Healey)

Please pass on my thanks to the rest of your crew at the New England Classic Car Company. If I am ever on the lookout for another classic (maybe for some of my own vintage racing!), I know who to turn to!

Take care … "Jeff"

Got the TR3A today, and it certainly appears to be everything it was billed to be. Took it for a spin around the neighborhood in the 100 degree heat, and it is nice and tight and punchy. I thank you. I am happy with the trade.

Greg, Georgia


It's the best car I’ve ever owned.

Beats the Cobra, Ferrrari and tons of Porsches I’ve owned.

Are you going to be at Lime Rock over Labor Day?



hi marc,

hope you had an enjoyable driving season and buisness was good !!!. The MGA has been doing great here in NJ. Have put about 500 miles on it over the summer with some long 2 hour drives to morristown and back.... you were absolutely right cruise all day at 60mph. It does especially well in the cooler weather we have been having over the hot / humid weather.


Wanted to bring it back to you for indoor winter storage and tuneup prior to next year's driving season.... was wondering the logistics on how to do that and what that would entail ...


looking forward to seeing you soon

Ridgewood, NJ


I'm glad you still like "Ol Blue" ( I have a somewhat twisted sense of humor ), and I'm thrilled to know she's going to have a great home! I loved that car and will miss it. Thanks for helping me through a rough patch, and please know that when I'm in the market for another sports car I won't deal with anyone but you.

Peace always,


Good Morning Marc,
I am appreciative of the time and effort on your part.
I am torn. My heart is with the MORGAN and my head is with the A.
In addition I have a deal that was supposed to close last week and is now in jeopardy of not closing at all. I have put in hours upon hours of work on this and it will be very disappointing if the deal falls apart. And of course the commission.
So that has to be my number one priority now.
Just for clarification; did you not say you would repair the sills on the A? Just wanted to make sure.
Have a pleasant day.
I understand that both cars are for sale and could be gone anytime before I get back with you.

Kindest Regards,

-Update: He purchsed an MGB, then two months later, an MGA!

Hi Marc

I received the check you sent yesterday. I am sending you the original bills of sale from the previous owners of the Elva along with an electrical system wiring diagram that reflects the wiring I did. Also included are some notes that are a repeat of what I sent earlier. It should go out in today's mail. I appreciate the work you did. I am completely satisfied and hope you came out fine also.


Jim W.

(This was a consignment customer for whom we sold a car)

Hello Marc.....first of all I wanted to let you know that I got home safely with the MG. I followed your advice and took route 287 over the Tappanzee Bridge to eventually hook up with route 81 south. Got home around 11:30pm. Car is now safely parked in the garage and my 4Runner is relegated to the driveway.

Pam absolutely loves the car, so the decision to purchase it was a good one. I also have to share with you my reservations about this purchase. Sometimes, and all too often, when purchasing a collectible car, the write up and pictures will excite the reader into a buying decision. Then when actually seeing the vehicle, the disappointment is such a let down, and it leaves one very angry at being misled by the seller. This would have been especially true for me, having driven over 300 miles to your showroom.

In this purchase, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the car was exactly as described. There was nothing offered in the write up that wasn't true. I really looked for any inconsistencies in what you said or wrote....and happily found none. On top of that, the little extras your "threw in" for no extra charge, and the wonderful help by Andrew to get the car loaded and secured on the trailer, really made this a very good experience.

The car is an excellent "driver" and I can't wait to have a warm sunny day to enjoy some Virginia backroad driving.

Marc, thanks for your honesty in making this such a wonderful experience.

Merry Christmas to you and your staff.

M. Gwinn

Dear Reader,

After decades of putting off the buying of my dream car, I finally purchased a 1972 MGB GT from New England Classics in November 2012.

My apprehension in buying an old car— and the reason I had put it off for so long—was that I know nothing about cars. What has always drawn me to them is not the mechanical but aesthetic appeal: how would I know if what I was buying was a "good" or "bad" car? I know if it looks good but that's just about it. Would buying a 40 year old car be something I would regret? If that sounds familiar to you I suggest you get in touch with Marc.

How can you tell if a car is "good" or "bad"? The fact is—and this is perhaps stating the obvious—it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that a 40 year old car will be trouble free. Marc is very upfront about this. How could anybody know what a car has been through in 40 years? What issue— lying latent for 4 decades— might suddenly make an appearance tomorrow. Not even a new car that has rolled off a Korean factory floor can totally guarantee a trouble free future existence.

You can however anticipate possible issues and make sure the car (and you) is as thoroughly prepared as possible. Marc, with his years of experience, can do that and does so with a team of talented mechanics. Whether is was a back-up device here or tips on what to do if...all things were considered and offered as advice: this makes a huge difference.

From the moment I met Marc to the moment he sent me on my way with the beautiful MGB GT, he was always frank, uncomplicated and most importantly patient, fielding many of my naive questions on its mechanics and the like. His enthusiasm for these cars is genuine.
My only concern now is, should I go back to Marc looking to add an MGA or TR6 to what might become a collection of—yes old—but beautiful cars.

New York,

Marc, the car arrived Sat. I love it as you said I would. Thanks for all the trunk goodies. The car has been inspected & has TX license plates! It may have a slight radiator leak. It was leaking anti freeze this morning when I pulled into to the inspection station. Shouldn't be a big deal. I'll keep you in touch on all our escapades with the car. I appreciate your help,


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