.As you can see in our showroom page, we specialize in smaller sports cars.....mostly British.....MG, Triumph, Lotus, Austin Healey, and Morgan. And usually ad, to the mix, Alfa, Fiat, Morris Minor, Mini, and occasionally an old Volvo, maybe this or that. But the basic business plan is selling smaller cars for fun driving.

Needless to day, most of these cars undergo a fair amount of prep prior to being placed in the showroom for sale. And a big part of our operation is the 'improving' of cars prior to delivery.

Take the typical 1960s or 1970s British sports car. Ripe for improvement. And what we offer is bringing these cars into the 21st century. With the addition of electronic ignition, powerful shrouded electric cooling fan, and being that redundancy is the highest form of reliability, we recommend a back up solid state fuel pump.

MGB batteries are sort of hidden in container compartments behind the seats. And under a metal panel. To make life easier, we can install remote jumper terminals. And for safety, emulating ALL race cars, a battery cut off switch.

While, in modern cars, we take for granted such items as cigarette lights (aka 'power outlets' in this modern non smoking world) and, of course, USB outputs. All of which we can install. Truth is, add a modern stereo (CD, Bluetooth, USB input) and it really brings the best out of an old car.

On the topic of MGBs, we do a lively business TRANSFORMING newer 'rubber bumper' MGBs from pleasant little touring cars to the best of the breed. Typically.....the process includes a complete professional chrome bumper conversion, we can also eliminate the side lights and weld in metal and blend in the paint. Then lower the car to the pre 1975 ride height. Add a 32/36 DGV Weber carb (even with the luxury of an automatic choke), improved exhaust manifold, convert to wire wheels (if not fitted by the factory), and these cars truly come alive. And you can see the results in our showroom.

And not leaving out Triumphs, the same applies. Electronic ignition, powerful radiator cooling fan, on and on. And for both TR6s and MGBs, we can offer powerful supplemental heating units under the dash and even air conditioning. For all climates and all seasons.

Another item that dramatically changes these 'period' sports cars.....a 5 speed conversion. But the virtues are not just the 5th gear 'overdrive.' All synchromesh (a big improvement when added to an early MGB or MGA), much closer ratios, far stronger and longer lasting, and finally....while something as inexpensive as a throw out bearing, clutch disc, or just a rear main seal requires engine removal, with the 5 speed, one can remove the transmission WITHOUT removing the engine.

Another specialty of our's is interior dye work. Take a dull looking white car with black interior, dye the interior (and, in the case of an MGB, the entire dash) in a deep red and voila! Gorgeous car.

Or a BRG or black car with black interior.....change to tan and what a difference. Again, look at cars on our showroom page for examples.

We offer engine and transmission rebuilding, suspension and brake work, electrical and hydraulic work, rust repair, painting, even a lot of experience in color changing. We install tonneau covers, convertible tops, install wood dashboards, the list is quite extensive.

We live and breath small sports cars. Which is why our corporate motto is 'NEVER buy a classic sports car you can't push by yourself.' But always have fun.

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