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Year: 1947



Stock # NE-1947-2

Something a bit unusual:

Recently I sold one of my own MG TCs for an electric car conversion. Hence, what I have for sale is the car's drivetrain.

The TC had been used for some mildly competitive VSCCA vintage racing. I was told it has a gas flowed big valve MG TF cylinder head and (I can see) H4 SU carbs as used on an MG TD or MG TF. After a Summer of driving, can confirm it was the most powerful (unsupercharged) XPAG engine I have encountered. Pulling smoothly to the red line in every gear, running 60+ psi oil pressure and the day we removed the engine from the car, exactly 140 psi compression in every cylinder. And during my Summer of use, zero smoke under cold start up and when at operating temperature.

Can offer the complete drive train.....radiator, engine, transmission (which is in excellent condition, good synchromesh action, doesn't pop out of gear, quiet operation), drive shaft, manifolds, the H4 SU carbs, distributor, all ready to install.

Best of all, would work well with an MG TC, MG TD, or MG TF.

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