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Year: 1947



Stock # NE-1947-3

Acquired from a long term owner, an 86 year old Dentist who lovingly owned, cared for, and (even) occasionally drove this lovely TC.

The info, here, is a combination of what we were told, what we can see, and what we suspect: engine (and yes, numbers match, its original) recently overhauled, over 100 psi oil pressure when cold, settles down to 40-60 when running (all excellent for an XPAG engine). Has a rebuilt Judson supercharger sucking through a completely rebuilt SU carb (sandblasted, new parts, works perfectly). Driving a supercharged MG? As best as I can represent, smooth and powerful, feels (to me) like a well tuned 1275 Spridget. Not gonna spin the wheels in 4th gear but certainly FAR more lively than a stock TC. And as the vacuum and revs build, it gets faster and faster.

Gearbox feels good, doesn't pop out of gear, good synchromesh action, and quiet. What else can one ask for in a 74 gearbox?

Underneath....frame rails all look good, wood floors and key wood rails above the chassis all appear to be excellent. No rot, no rust, no damage, no signs of repair, all appear to be a very nice, very clean, well looked after.

Body is very good, doors fit nice, older paint but looks great if one ignores little flaws up close. NO bondo bubbles or cracking.

Very good top, side curtains, and tonneau, all new interior, excellent wood dash, grille shell and windshield surround chrome is all very good....no peeling or pitting. And a rare sight, the dash mounted interior lights are work...quite a rare occurance from my experience

Wiring harness appears to be new (a key element on an old car and the best way of avoiding constant electrical issues), has been fitted with turn signals (nicely done with dual filament light sockets in the wing and D lights), all of the original gauges work properly, we were told the brakes are all new (master cylinder, drums, shoes) and we can see all of the new parts.

What else? Tompkins steering (allowing adjustment for wear), tires look fine, same with wheels, we installed new competition seat belts (hard to imagine, this car seems to have never had seat belts), tidy engine bay, the list continues................a nice classic TC with the exotic addition of a properly working supercharger. What fun to take it to a show and leave the bonnet open!

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