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Year: 1948



Stock # NE-1948-2


Just a typical combination of 'the good, the bad, and the ugly.'

Chassis appears to be in excellent condition as is the body....went over the exterior with my trusty kitchen magnet, stuck everywhere. And believe me, finding a 70+ year old MG with no bondo is cause for celebration. Paint is quite good and no signs of cracking or bubbling.

Last owner, a college professor, owned the car for 45 years, just for Summer puttering around campus probably using it as an alternative to a golf cart. His term for the original seats were 'back assassins' and he (temporarily replaced them with MGB seats, not even bolted in).....we have the original seat back and the remains of the bottoms. Currently lying in the interior and not looking all that bad.

Runs very well, no smoke, excellent oil pressure, 140-147 psi compression in every cylinder, excellent gearbox. Brakes work well, top frame is there with what appears to be a new top, has side curtains (in good condition), wood dash appears to have been restored, grille shell is good, a mix of ups and down. BUT an ideal candidate for a through reconditioning without getting into an expensive and time consuming 'restoration.'

Think how nice this car would be with, as an example, a new tan interior, BRG exterior paint, engine bay detailing work, odds and ends........... And with such a reasonable starting point, it allows for a potential buyer to wind up with a beautiful, rust and plastic filler free MG TC.

And the best virtues of a TC are a true prep war experience with modern advantages as a synchromesh transmission, press fit bearings, plentiful supply of new reproduction parts, a strong club experience, and those great looks. Hard to beat the TC's aesthetics.

Just in, being cleaned up, available for immediate sale And, needless to say, we can do anything a prospective buyer wishes and with surprisingly little work, provide a very nice MG TC.

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