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Year: 1948



Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1948-5

A bit of an unknown..........got it from a friend who got it from someone else.........sort of floating around until purchased by someone who wants it as a good starting point for a restoration. Or even a quick 'fix up' and make usable.

For an unrestored car, body is excellent....went over it with a magnet, no signs of plastic filler, could be original paint, looked underneath at the main wood rails, excellent. No signs of wood rot. Chassis, excellent. For a long lost soul of a car, has incredibly good 'bones.'

My friend, who had it pass through is hands, told me it was running and driving six months ago. Registered and road going. We put a socket on the front pulley and it turned over smoothly and effortlessly. Everything is there, carbs, original air cleaner (frequently missing and expensive to replace), original horn (in the boot), original wing lights, excellent grille and grille shell, windshield is cracked but being flat glass, maybe $100 for a replacement, seat covers are not original but in good condition, all original gauges and switches, top is worn but not worn out (and not ripped), has a boot cover, two of the four side curtains, the perfect starting point for a very straightforward restoration. Which we can handle if a buyer wishes.

Tires look to be close to new, not worn or dry rotted. Not really missing anything of significance, one could go through the mechanicals and get everything electrical working, drive it and do paint and interior down the road. A new owner's choice.

Why own an MG TC? Truly 'pre war' in most every way BUT with the virtues of hydraulic brakes, press fit main and rod bearings, synchromesh transmission, and most parts other then castings (blocks and heads) is readily available and not terribly expensive. They have smooth, high revving engines (6,000 rpm red line, quite high for just after the war), some neat features (finned alloy sump, adjustable steering column, beautiful 19" wire wheels, folding windshield, etc.), and they actually are easy to drive, easy to own, and fun for road cruising and shows.

I will never forget my first TC, living in Pa, purchased a '47 in Maryland and drove it home at night. Next morning it wouldn't start so I pulled out the hand crank and had a lot of fun crank starting it. Even a few days later, with a new starter switch, STILL had fun crank starting it.

Okay, it isn't a Bugatti and it is certainly not a pre war Alfa. But for the money, and with twin Aero screens mounted on the cowl (and the windshield folded down), no better bang for the proverbial buck in a true classic sports car. Truly the car that introduced sports car driving to the US.

Advice: we could clean the fuel tank, fit a rebuilt starter, change the oil, get it running, check the brakes, and get it back on the road. At that point, be selective on aesthetics.....maybe new carpet set, dye the seats and interior panels in Camel, steam clean and dye the top, remove and refinish the wood dash, ck the gauges, electrics, refit the original horn, a new exhaust pipe, and have fun during the first Summer. AND, down the road, sand and paint the bodywork (which appears to need nearly no bodywork), get a nice new tan cloth tonneau, and little by little, move it forward.

In our showroom, ready for sale. And we offer any form of part of full restoration work with 50 years of experience with T Series MGs, transport on our own truck/trailer within maybe 3-400 mile radius, we offer financing at favorable rates, and even registration and title work in all fifty states.

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