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Year: 1954

MG TF 1250


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1954-15

A beautiful restored MG TF 1250, one of 6200 built, and unquestionably the most beautiful post war MG, and with the optional (and very desirable) wire wheels.

We sold this car 13 years ago, purchased from a Southern original owner, painted by us, and sold locally. And now, after maybe 1,000 miles of local use, the car has 45,000 original miles. And always garaged.

I tend to mention to customers: if you took your classic to a conscience restoration shop and asked `how much to paint my car?` The answer might be phrased like this: `how do you want it to look and how long do you want it to last? Answer the second question first because it will cost you four times as much.``

And after 13 years, the paint is still excellent and ready for show.

Spotless underneath (other than some mud as it was a rainy day when it returned and I took it for a nice drive in the drizzly weather). Painted and detailed as when new.

Top is in very good condition, side curtain look like never used. LOTS of nice little details....support rods in the engine bay and the tool box tops have all been chromed. Alloy tappet cover. Original style Lucas headlights. And original wing lights, not reproductions.

On the road, 50 psi oil pressure (book says 40 is `as new`), no smoke, gearbox is very good and quiet in first and reverse, peeking underneath, front end is very clean and steering, ride, handling and general driving as good as the best TFs I have driven.

New tan cloth tonneau, excellent interior (probably fairly new), same with chrome and trim, all gauges work, has new seat belts, what else is left? A beautiful ready to drive anywhere MG TF.

Personally, I am more of a Morgan person. But in a five mile drive, the day it arrived, had to admit, this TF is damned nice. Compared to a comparable Morgan (and I own two 1953s), ride is far superior as it steering, sweet shifting gearbox, smooth and willing engine with a high (for its day) 6,000 rpm redline), a worthy competitor, only lacking the Morgan`s 2.1 liter Vanguard engine`s torque.

So there it is. A beautiful `done` collector`s car. In the showroom and ready for sale.

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