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Year: 1954

Morris Minor 2 dr Sedan


Stock # NE-1954-16

A really nice car......excellent body with (we think) original paint, came up quite nicely after two days of wet sanding and buffing, very nice original interior with brand new carpets, very good floors and chassis (as a unibody, one and the same....we can see pieces of metal welded into place but seems very solid and we did our 'ice pick' check to try and find soft spots...none). Was told the 28,000 indicated miles is accurate and judging from condition of paint, drive train, and interior, there is an excellent chance that is accurate.

948cc BMC engine.....148-152 psi compression in every cylinder, zero smoke cold or hot, 60 psi oil pressure at operating temperature (yes, it actually has a working gauge) runs beautifully, shifts well, brakes recently redone, quiet exhaust, everything works electrically, original jack and lug wrench, LHD, all in all, a very nice example that doesn't miss a beat. And the 948cc engine feels quite lively and acceleration seems to be comparable to my own 1100cc Minor.

Best of all, with the BMC drive train, never a worry about severe mechanical issues.....just find a sorry, damaged or rusted MG MIdget or AH Sprite....the entire drive train bolts right in. And get more performance from an 1100 or 1275 engine.

Disc brake conversions are readily available as are 5 speed kits, and in the end, its a nice, inexpensive classic that is capable of morphing into whatever an owner wants. Or, just leave it as it is and have fun.

A note about listed year of manufacture;;;;in no way does this car appear to be a genuine 1954 Morris Minor, my guess is late 1950s. BUT since the last State of registration lists it as a '1954,' who am I to dispute their rationale? So, yes, yes, yes, it is clearly NOT a 1954 which, anyway, wasn't a great year for these cars, what with an enemic 803cc side valve engine, so....who cares?

(I did get an e mail from some zombie from deep space accusing me of fraud, deceit, and being responsible for the Chicago fire of 1873. To quote him 'YOUR CAR IS NOT a 1954!!!!!!!' But, as mentioned above, I really don't want to advertise a car based on my OPINION as opposed to the perfectly legal, if off by a few years, registration.)

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