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Year: 1958

MG A 1500 roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1958-52


Beautiful rust free Southern car, carefully kept and properly serviced.

Excellent body, no sign of repairs or filler, very good white paint (matches dash and engine bay, suspect it is the original color and, perhaps, painted only once). Very good chrome throughout (even the windshield surround is very good, (what appears to be a new top), was missing side curtains but we have a pair of good ones to with the car..

Engine: 150 psi compression in every cylinder, 60 psi oil pressure at operating temperature, no smoke cold or hot, excellent acceleration, carbs seem to be perfect tuned, idles smoothly, effort to pull from 10 mph in 3rd gear, doesn`t miss a beat. Transmission shifts smoothly, had excellent synchromesh, and quiet in operation.

Seems to have received a new wiring harness, wires are not brittle nor worn and every gauge and electrical component works properly, Has wire wheels, the optional oil cooler, spin on oil filter, fairly new exhaust, brakes and front end work well, has seat belts and even a very possibly original AM-FM radio that works!

Engine bay is unusually clean, same with trunk compartment, seats are excellent in leather, excellent interior panels and carpets, fitted with a chrome luggage rack, original banjo style steering wheel, and behind the seats, the original side curtain bag (rarely seen).

All in all, the perfect fun classic....will easily cruise at 70-80 mph, has sufficient power to make winding road driving fun, excellent ride, light and precise steering, luggage rack for touring use, radio to keep the occupants from getting bored, and even good weather equipment should it rain.

AND just as I was finishing this ad, took the car out for a last test drive before putting it in the showroom. Started easily, warmed up nicely, after a 15 minute drive, oil pressure was 65 psi and 50 at idle, all of the gauges worked, when I drove over a pothole there were no rattles or steering wheel shaking, pulled nicely up to 5,000 rpm, trans was nearly silent and with perfect synchromesh, ride excellent, my only remark to a mechanic when I returned was `I can`t imagine this car drove any better when new.`

Just in, ready to drive anywhere.

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