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Year: 1958

MG A Coupe


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Stock # NE-1958-55

I purchased this car for my own collection, have enjoyed it for some time, an alternate purchase now suggests selling it.

Always loved the aesthetics of MGA Coupes, beautiful lines, comfortable, even civilized. And the best looking exterior door handles of ANY (in my opinion) period car.

I felt this particular car was/is a true gem. A complete body off, frame up (done by the last owner) restoration, no rust, excellent wood floors, rust free body. Straight as the proverbial arrow, new base coat/clear coat acrylic paint (and hand wet sanded and buffed to a show quality finish).

Rebuilt MGB five main bearing engine, 155-160psi compression in every cylinder, 80 psi oil pressure when at operating temperature, no smoke, rebuilt SU carbs, electronic ignition, runs perfectly. Mated to a 4 speed all synchromesh Mk II transmission WITH OVERDRIVE.

A note: MGAs never had overdrive and I understand it is a bit of trick to install one(this is only the 2nd MGA with overdrive we have seen in near fifty years). With the result being that this car has a choice of six forward ratios, cruises nicely at 80+ mph (I am quite sure the speedo was never recalibrated when the overdrive was fitted, hence, it reads maybe 15% lower than the correct speed), the o'drive clicks in and out instantly, and the result is FAR beyond any other MGA I have ever driven (unless, like my own MGA roadster, it has a modern five speed transmission). And with 15" wheels as opposed to MGB's 14" wheels, the overall gearing is higher than a B. And an oil cooler for hot weather high speed running.

Recently we converted it to MGB disc brakes.....all brand new parts. Added to the car's 15" wire wheels with new radials. And the result of all of this is that the car starts instantly, runs flawlessly, is a joy at highway speeds, and with its superb MGA rack and pinion steering, genuinely pleasurable on the road.

What else? ALL new interior, leather seats, Cherry wood dashboard, door tops, and windshield surround, new headliner, new quality carpets bound on the edges with matching leather trim,, nicely done wood console armrest/storage box, detailed and carpeted behind the seats, map pockets behind the seats and on the door panels, new chrome front and rear bumpers, working back up lights, chrome luggage rack, LOTS of modern heat and sound shielding under the carpet, along the firewall, most everywhere. And, among the many neat items, are a set of rebuilt Smiths gauges with hand screen printed black on white faces......beautifully done and like nothing I have ever seen.

For my use, my guys installed a modern digital stereo (with classic looks and a fake AM dial when 'off'), 12v/USB output, battery cut off switch, on board trickle charger, back up solid state fuel pump, powerful twin shrouded electric radiator fans, a nice footwell cold air vent, chrome door pulls, new 3 point belts, new fender mirrors, 4 speakers for the stereo, new big Hella LED driving lights on correct MGA light brackets, LED lights on the interior top posts, new spare wheel cover, new exhaust, excellent wiring, alternator, and I had my guys rewire the engine bay wiring to run through modern fuses and fuse boxes....and eight modern fuses (with proper decals to show what circuit they are protecting) instead of the original two glass fuses. Even modern relays for the lights. Which should make a big difference in long term reliability.

This is the best single MGA coupe we have ever had and like nothing else I have ever seen. Oh, and one last item....prior to purchase, I asked the seller 'how is the heater' and his response was 'toooo good.' Turns out, he was correct. The best heater I have ever encountered on an older British car. Even on a 20 degree Connecticut morning, I have had to shut off the heater half way to work. It is THAT good which I have found to be comfortable, pleasant, and almost unbelievable. There is even a separate coolant shut off valve in the engine bay to prevent the driver from getting too hot when it is warm outside!

If your preference in a classic sports car is a coupe, consider the relative rarity in British cars....XK and E Type Jags, Triumph GT6, MGBGT, not a lot of others. While an MGA Coupe is a bit on the rare side (only 773 LHD coupes exported in 1958), easy access to most any part, and this car's advantage of the bigger, more powerful B engine, all synchromesh transmission with overdrive and new disc brakes.

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