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Year: 1959

MG A 1600 roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1959-57


About as good as one might ever expect to find. A true body off, frame up, comprehensive rebuild and restoration covering the major items and exacting attention to details.

Rebuilt 1600cc A engine, 150 psi compression in every cylinder, 80 psi oil pressure on a 90 degree day and at operating temperature, no smoke, starts and runs flawlessly. Gearbox works well, strong synchromesh action, quiet in operation. Brakes (discs in front) work properly and a visual inspection of the front end and brake parts all appear to be new.

BUT there is more.........perfectly painted and detailed chassis, clearly the body tub was painted off the chassis as every spot underneath is painted the same as wheel wells, engine bay, behind the dash, trunk, etc. All just beautiful

All new interior in tan with new door panels, carpets, seats, etc. And perfectly detailed dashboard. With a new cloth covered (the more expensive and original kind) wiring harness, new electricals, engine bay is spotless.

New tan convertible top, new tonneau, new tires on wire wheels, most of the chrome is new, small things like door seals, end caps, trunk carpet, on and on are new. And I am hoping the photos tell the story of anything I have forgotten.

As the owner of an identical MGA, it is of my opinion that it is the absolute best compromise in an all around classic British sports car. Top speed about 100 mph, easy cruising at any practical speed, great steering, handling, braking, reliable, easy to service and repair, and this particular car is ready for show use. Inside and out, it is as close to perfect as I can imagine (with the only caveat being that this is not a serious 'trailer queen' expected to show well at a serious concours but never driven on the road).

AND.....should one really love one's MGA, one can consider the route I took with my own MGA 1600....we installed a rebuilt, modified early 1800cc MGB three bearing engine (which retains the original MGA tach drive and tachometer), a BW T9 five speed transmission, a modern digital stereo, and added a luggage rack. Bringing my MGA's top speed to 120+ mph.

These are great cars and this is one of the best we have ever seen or had for sale. It starts instantly, runs and drives flawlessly, and under close examination.....it doesn't disappoint.

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