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Year: 1960

MG A 1600 Mk I Coupe


Stock # NE-1960-49

A fairly rare car, being one of 2771 Mk I Coupes built (of which a mere 826 were LHD export cars built in 1960...and a total of only 1551 LHD 1600 Coupes built) and very appealing for one who loves classics but doesn't necessarily enjoy top down motoring. And what other classic of such exclusivity can be found in this price range?)

Long ownership history, plenty of work done over the years but never really restored. Body seems to be in very good condition, my kitchen magnet only found one small trace of plastic filler, paint appears to be old but suffers minimal issues and from even a few feet away looks very good.

All of the glass looks good as does the rubber seals and compression strips (which appear to be new), chrome is very good and I suspect most has been replaced.

As a 1600, has disc brakes and they work well, also the very desirable wire wheel option. As is very common with MGAs, was changed (and upgraded) from the original 1600cc engine to a 1800cc MGB engine (but for a purist, we can offer the car's original engine). Runs very well, no smoke, 50 psi oil pressure, original MGA transmission works well, quiet in operation and with good synchromesh.

Glass and rubber seals are all very good, interior could use some sprucing up but is amply usable and the wood cockpit surrounds look to be in good condition.

The car runs and drives very well, can be enjoyed exactly as it is OR, over a period of time, improved moving towards show condition.

So if an Alfa or Porsche 356 Coupe is well beyond your budget, this car is certainly worth considering as MGAs offer ample performance (especially with this 90+ hp B engine), disc brakes, great ride, handling, steering, and are simple and easy to repair and/or service and maintain.

A very stylish classic suitable for shows, general cruising, and (best of all) just having motoring fun.

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