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Year: 1960

MG A 1600


Stock # NE-1960-52

NOT as a 'trailer queen', but as an impressive road car, worthy of most any show - A delight to drive and simply view... Starting point was a car with an excellent body with no indication of plastic filler, very straight, great panel fit, great door fit, excellent wood floors, beautiful deep red paint (look at the photos and see if you agree that the worlds 'laser straight' and 'mirror finish' seem appropriate). All new interior (including seat frames, padding, carpets, etc.) in camel, new (expensive) cloth top and tonneau, new side curtains (with perfect fit).

Rebuilt modified 1600cc engine, bored, higher lift cam, guessing around 95-100hp, rebuilt and detailed twin SUs, new radiator, twin electrical radiator fans, twin fuel pumps, electronic ignition, everything imaginable for a reliable classic car. And with near 100hp, performance very similar to an MGA twin cam.

BEST OF ALL...........we just installed a freshly rebuilt (with one year guarantee) Ford T9 five speed transmission. A $6,000 addition but what a difference.....all synchromesh, close ratios, a fifth gear for easy highway cruising, very strong and long lasting (was used, by Ford, in a 170hp turbo charged car), AND allows transmission removal without removing the engine....great for the day the car needs a new clutch disc, or throw out bearing, or rear main seal. Cheap parts, but on any other MGA, it would require engine removal.

Now, an MGA 1600 has a higher 4.1 diff and with the .82 fifth gear, really relaxed cruising with an overall ratio of 3.36. Want higher gearing? Easy 'cause an MGB 3.9 diff is easy to install and then the overall gearing is 3.198.....perfect for one who wants to cruise at 90mph with very VERY relaxed engine revs.

New cloth covered wiring harness (possibly the best single item to ensure long term reliability), all new electrics, new heater core, new hoses and lines, new Aeroquip oil lines and a new oil cooler, rebuilt brakes (disc front), new master cylinder, five restored wire wheels with new tubes and tires, carpeted trunk, new door seals, wood steering wheel, new racing seat belts, and...

New stereo/CD (with Blue Tooth and USB input) with new quality speakers installed in the kick panels, 12v outlet with USB outputs under the dash, top quality luggage rack, a sensational classic sports car with 110+mph performance, great ride, handling, and (of course) beautiful body lines.

Hard to imagine a better compromise in a classic sports car. Great performance, braking, and handling, easy to service and maintain, parts availability is incredible, and they drive well, look great, and this car has most every option one could imagine.

It only has 46,000 miles since new and throughout, very nice detail work. And the photos tell the rest.

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