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Year: 1960

MG A 1600 Coupe


Stock # NE-1960-61


A rare example, one of less than 900 LHD 1600 Mk I Coupes....with wire wheels. And a nice classic car for those who are not fond of open sports cars.

Think about it, what is the choice? E Type Jaguars or Astons? XK-120/140/150 Coupes? Rather pricey, hence, in a more affordable price range....choices are limited to MGBGT, Triumph GT6, and....MGA coupe.

What a beautiful, stylish classic..........the rounded fenders and roof line, absolutely stunning. And, like any good MGA, ample power, nice gearbox, great steering and ride, sure brakes (never forget, MG had disc brakes years before Porsche...or even Ferrari). Comfy/cozy cockpit, roll up windows (when ALL other MGAs had side curtains), as it or modified, they make great cars.

This car, to quote the current colletor's car vernacular has a 'laser straight' body and 'mirror image' paintwork, done in a deep shade of BRG. Contrasting nicely with the tan interior. Excellent headliner, nice wood interior trim, older but presentable chrome, tidy engine bay, 160+ psi compression in every cylinder, 60+ psi oil pressure when warm, zero smoke cold or hot, transmission has good synchromesh action, steering is quick and precise, and the beautiful wire wheels. A wonderful combination.

Want more? Do what I did with my own MGA....1800cc MGB engine (actually, just checked.it IS a 1800cc five main bearing B engine). A thoroughly modern Ford T9 five speed transmission........one could have a dandy car and still be at a fraction of the cost of a classic Jaguar. Want more room for luggage? Easy to add a luggage rack.....and modern stereo and even change to chrome wire wheels. The point being this a very nice car as it is and no limit to the improvements that can be made.

And an additional note: While the later MGA Twin cams with a slightly lower compression ratio (for a higher degree of reliability) were rated at 100hp, the B engine in this MGA was rated at 98hp. Hence, this is a very VERY good running and driving MGA with ample power. And if offended by the 1800cc engine, geez, we can modified the '8' to a '6' on the block casting and only you will know why your MGA goes better than any other A you might encounter.

And note those absolutely beautiful exterior door handles, truly a work of mechanical art. An opportunity to buy a very appealing classic at a modest price.

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