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Year: 1960

MG A 1600 Mk I


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Stock # NE-1960-65

Not a car we restored so representations are entirely based on what the last owner told us, what we can see, and the results of our tests.

From first look, a beautiful restored MGA with (in my opinion) the absolute best engine you could ever fit to an MGA. Fairly rare as an early MGB three main bearing engine built from late 1962 to 1964). Why the best? Well, first of all, with 1800cc and rated at 95hp, nearly as powerful as a late model MGA twin cam but without the potential for a blow up or melt down which sort of signed the death warrant for twin cams at the factory. Second, it retains the original tach drive not found on later MGB engines, hence, one can retain the original mechanical tach. And, to be candid, if one found a reason, one could simply grind off the top of the '8' on the block to form a '6' as on an original MGA engine!

So, powerful, reliable, looks the same, why not? Exactly as I did with my own MGA 1600. And in this case, recently rebuilt.

With rebuilt twin SU carbs (of the updated type, HS4s which typically don't leak as do the original carbs with cork gaskets), new fuel tank and sender, new stainless steel exhaust, rebuilt and recurved 25D4 distributor, ALL new wiring with modern fuse panel and relays, all powered by a new alternator (basically, this car has been brought into the 21st century electrically and, thus, one of the weakest aspects of an older British car has been vastly improved).

Oil cooler (to reduce temperatures when driven at high speeds in hot weather), new tires and tubes and stronger 60 spoke wire wheels, new chrome knock offs.

All new interior, beautiful dashboard detailing, all new rubber seals and beading, excellent body, frame, and floors, very nice paintwork, new tonneau and convertible top, and new side curtains.

Power driving lights added on the front using factory mounting brackets, wind wings, new seat belts, expensive chrome luggage rack, and trunk is carpeted (along with a spare wheel/tire cover).

And expensive Kenwood bluetooth stereo has been installed with quality Blaupunkt and Boston acoustics tweeters.

All in all, a sensational MGA roadster with a more powerful engine, disc brakes, high gearing, wire wheels, and in a beautiful color combination. These cars will top 100mph and cruise nicely at 75-85 mph (anything above this speed is rather academic), light precise steering, sure braking, excellent ride, and just about the ideal all around classic sports car.

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