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Year: 1960

Triumph TR3A


Stock # NE-1960-65

ONE OF the best TR3As we have ever had for sale......and here is why:

Excellent rust free Southern car.....last owner in NC since 1995. Went over the exterior with a kitchen magnet, no sign of rust, repair, or plastic filler anywhere. and excellent paint in the correct Triumph British Racing Green. All new tan interior, carpets, seats, panels, side molding and cockpit surround. Absolutely beautiful.

Rebuilt engine (70 psi oil pressure, 170-175 psi compression in every cylinder, no smoke, quick revving, and unusually powerful). Rebuilt all synchro transmission (these transmissions are better than original and are the same as a TR6) which shifts smoothly and properly.

Steering and frond end were rebuilt (ball joins, bushings, etc.), new master cylinders and brakes rebuilt, 15" wire wheels with new radials, excellent wiring harness (can't begin to stress the importance of this in that there are few better ways to avoid troubled ownership than owning a car with excellent wiring), new radiator (and yes, few better ways to ensure cool driving on a hot day), even freshly rebuilt SU carbs with new throttle shafts.

But there is more...........perfect original floors (no patches, no rust, and no undercoating which is generally used to hide problems), spotless trunk and spare wheel compartment, new seat belts, brand new convertible top, tonneau cover, some new/ some very good chrome, wind wings, original heater assembly, most of the gauges rebuilt, and we have invoices for $20,000 worth of repair work just done.

A very impressive car. And while most TR3As have loose, wobbly steering, this car is superb. And while most 60+ year old cars crash the synchros, blow blue smoke out the exhaust, misfire, creak and groan, this car simply doesn't. As this representation began, one of the very best TR3As we have had for sale. In our showroom, ready to go anywhere.

(A note: we now offer registration and titling services in all fifty states and can deliver this car on our own trailer within 300 or so miles.....further distance and we can assist in making transportation arrangements anywhere.)

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