Year: 1961

Morgan Plus 4 four seater


Stock # NE-1961-36

WHAT A FIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last owner for forty years, 50,000 miles since new, always garaged, excellent bondo and rot free body ( I went over the body, doors, sills, fender edges, everywhere with a small magnet and it stuck perfectly appears this is one of those rare 60 year old cars that doesn't have a trace of plastic filler) , no cracks or damage to the chassis, excellent wood framing throughout. With new BRG paint and new tan interior.

TR3 engine, in our tests, 75 psi oil pressure (50 psi on the starter motor), 145-155 psi compression, no smoke cold or hot (these tests show results similar to the day it left the factory, 62 years ago), quiet valves, smooth running.....all original gauges, excellent original wiring harness (even the original cotton covering is intact), wire wheels, very good top, and side curtains, new tan tonneau, very good original chrome and trim, very impressive aesthetics.

Tight front end, disc brakes, very clean engine bay, pads and shoes look new, radiator fins are straight, has a proper Brooklands steering wheel, new seat belts, a wonderful car. And one that has obviously led a charmed life.

The excitement expressed in this missive is not meant to be the taken as 'the hard sell' a car enthusiast with four Morgans in his own barn, it is a thrill to find a car like this. Carefully owned, babied since new, super low mileage (maybe 800 miles a year), and with beautiful paint, interior, no sign of wear at the typical places (body, chrome, chassis, wood, wiring, interior, etc.), and with an excellent drive train, this is (for me, at least) truly exciting.

I love four seaters. My first Morgan, back in early 1974, was a 1959 Plus 4 (the '4' indicating number of cylinders, not seats). And now, 48 years later, an earlier four seater resides in my barn (a 1953). They are roomy, comfortable, allow ample room for shopping (I have a photo on my desk of my four seater with a full size BBQ being brought home from Home fit nicely in the back seat), seats adjust fore and aft and even backrest angle. And when the tonneau covers the back seat, evokes the look of a 1927 Bentley 3 liter.

Last of all, of course, the four seater actually sits four people. Not little jump seats for kids but full size adults. Which is fairly unique in the world of classic post war sports cars. And even my 27 year old son (6'3"and 280 pounds) can fit in the back....along with his girlfriend.

Its funny in that now, today, in 2022, this 1961 four seater is in far better condition than my 1959 Morgan was back in 1974. And that is truly amazing.

This is a super rare car and IF you want to own the best and most versatile collector's sports car you can ever imagine, call us.

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