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Year: 1963

Morgan Plus 4 two seater


Stock # NE-1963-31

Just about the ideal way of buying a Morgan...last owner since 1966 (second owner), 59,000 validated miles since new, excellent chassis, body, on and on...........

TR4 engine starts instantly runs flawlessly, smooth and powerful, 65-70 psi oil pressure when at operating temperature, no smoke, good gearbox, tight steering (which if you know Morgans is sort of an oxymoron, lets rephrase it 'about as tight as the best' which, by other car standard is 'okay'), disc brakes work well, all gauges, switches, lights, wipers, heater, etc. work properly. Wiring harness is either excellent original or has been replaced, either way, it appears to be in very good condition. No clutch chatter or slippage, engine was recently out to attend to shifting issue, now resolved.

Wire wheels with wide whitewalls....ya either love 'em, or not. And, if not, easily changed. Has a proper Lucas flamethrower driving light, a very nice steering wheel, leather seats have a beautiful patina, just enough cracking to see they are leather, not vinyl.

Excellent top, side curtains, tonneau, wood floors are excellent, front end feels nice and tight with no excessive kingpin bushing play, what's left? Great power from its torquey 100+hp engine, and of most importance, looks great, drives wonderfully, and IF your dream is of a Morgan in British Racing Green, we can take care of that too. Either as is or altered in a different color and different tires, this is an unusually good Morgan.

Interesting history: first owner in Avon, Ct, an elderly gentleman who, after a few years ownership, decided to trade it to Adams Motors in Canton, Ct for a Jeep (a better Winter car). Since then, the new young (now old) owner kept it in his garage from November 1st to April 15th every year. However his wife wasn't fond of going for drives, hence the very low mileage....a hair over 1,000 miles a year.

Hence, one careful owner for nearly all of its life........cared for, babied, properly serviced since new. And now ready for its third owner.

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