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Year: 1964

MG B roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1964-34

A VERY EARLY MGB.....VIN 24,000 of way over 500,000 Bs built, listed as a 1964 but I would think built in 1963. Either way, one fantastic example.

Southern (Alabama) car, in my view, a perfect body...magnet stuck everywhere, the best `door gaps` we have ever seen on a B, same with hood and trunk lid, excellent original sills, floors, chassis, beautiful red paint. Same with interior, all new, even the seat cushions feel new. And the dash, and chrome, and...........

BUT MOST IMPRESSIVE is the engine bay.....clearly done for serious shows and it is immaculate. But far more than meets the eye...redone head, ported and milled, rebuilt engine.....10:1 flat top 40 over pistons, Deves rings, performance camshaft, redone bottom end and top end, new SUs (near $2,000), bored block, reconditioned connected rods, VERY impressive.

BUT there is more..........a freshly rebuilt Ford T9 five speed kit ($5,000 with installation) and what a difference............have the same in my own 1965 (red) MGB....close ratios, fifth gear for excellent highway cruising, all synchromesh, and being that it was designed for a 170hp turbocharged Merkur, should last forever in an MGB with maybe 110-120hp.

Can there be more? Wonderful attention to details....Lucas headlights, Lucas Flamethrower driving lights, aeroquip metal braided lines to the oil cooler, Dunlop tires, thicker front sway bar, full tonneau and half tonneau, top is good (but not great.....clearly, at shows, no need to put the top up), wire wheels, carpeted trunk, stereo, on and on.

What does it need? Well, really, nothing. However, via personal taste, might add a wood steering wheel, a modern stereo/CD, little details. But, as for the basics, this car is truly incredible and can offer performance, reliability, and general use of a contemporary sports car. And in most ways, just about the best MGB we have had in 46 years of operation.

Gorgeous. If the idea of owning a sensational classic sports car sounds appealing, here it is. AND for cold weather climates, we can install a powerful auxiliary heater under the glove box (worked well for me, last two Winters, in temperatures down to 15 degrees).

Note photos: 60 psi oil pressure at full operating temperature AND at over 24 mph at 900 rpm in 5th gear and it pulled away smoothly. Powerful BUT flexible engine. And if you do your calculations, will cruise comfortably at 70 mph + at around 3,000 rpm. VERY impressive.

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