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Year: 1967

MG B roadster


Stock # NE-1967-49


What a car! Restored and rebuilt by a genuine MGB enthusiast who had 1/ time, 2/ money 3/ and knowledge of what is the best of the best in an MGB.

Best year, being a 1967....this is the ultimate year for an MGB with the most powerful engine ever fitted to a B, gorgeous steel dash, beautiful exterior, simple and elegant. The last year before the intrusion of the DOT and EPA.

And the car......perfect rust free floors, no damage or repairs, as seen in the photos. Excellent interior with leather seats, perfect dash, beautifully installed stereo under the dash so semi hidden yet easy to access. Racing seat belts, original banjo style steering wheel, original (often missing) lightweight alloy bonnet, new convertible top, 84,000 genuine miles, engine rebuilt at 62,000 miles, rebuilt trans (note image of oil pressure...near 70 psi at operating temperature), zero smoke cold or hot, quiet valves, spotless engine bay, oil cooler with braided steel Aeroquip lines, rebuilt disc brakes, racing starter motor, quiet exhaust, everything works.

As the photos show, and using the current vernacular in describing fine classics.....MIRROR image paint, LASER straight bodywork, excellent panel fit, true show quality finish. And in a deep true British Racing Green. What could be better?

AND.................on the road, smooth and powerful, revs freely, trans works like new, excellent steering, ride, brakes, all in all a sensational sports car.

Lots of options...........electronic ignition, back up fuel pump, powerful auxiliary heater under the glove box, dual master cylinder (the best single item for safety), Lucas driving lights, all new chrome, on and on.

Or, put it this way....with 105 mph performance, the ability to cruise all day at 80-85+ mph, who needs multi valve engines, exotic fuel injection, complicated this or that, over engineered everything else so (on paper) your fun car can top 150-160 mph? Sounds like an excellent way of winding in jail for reckless endangerment. OR huge fines and big insurance bills.

BUT this car is fun, fun to see, to own, to take to shows, and just plain fun to behold in your garage. A little 53 year old gem and with its powerful auxiliary heater and new top, a car that can be used all year 'round (much as I drove my own MGB to work most days this snowless Winter, even on 15 degree mornings).

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