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Year: 1967

Morgan Plus 4 four seater


Stock # NE-1967-55


Just about as perfect a 54 year old car as I might expect to ever find.

As with any car we ever purchase, its always fun to examine and explore, just a tiny bit like opening up King Tut`s tomb. What shall we find, what secrets might we uncover, what do we have here? And this is what we found:

Excellent body, show quality BRG paint, excellent chrome, what appears to be mostly or all new interior in beautifully contrasting camel. Chassis appears to be in excellent condition, same with floors, front subframe, on and on. Even all of the interior rubber matting is in mint condition.

New factory cloth top, new side curtains, new tonneau, new top frame cover.......this is VERY expensive stuff, dunno, maybe $3,000 for all? Excellent fit, very impressive.

And it continues....fires up instantly, 75 psi oil pressure (factory perfect), zero smoke cold or hot, 155-160 psi compression (`like new`), no obvious oil leaks, and even better....the absolute best Moss gearbox we have ever encountered, surprisingly good synchromesh, quiet in first and reverse gears, ALL of this leads me to believe the 23,700 miles indicated on the odometer is very possibly original.

Excellent wood dashboard (appears original), and with (rare for a Morgan, typical on a 1967) glove box door. No big deal for most cars but positively remarkable for a Morgan. And a 140 mph speedo (also specific to a 1967). And another little `find` which I have seen in very few cars....what is probably original and near identical to the one I have seen on late 1967 Rolls Royces and Lotus cars....a cute little panel with a four way flasher switch and light (and it works). A 1967 Morgan with four wheel flashers? From what I understand, when the EPA and DOT regulations took effect on January 1st, 1968, the two government organizations had a different interpretation on `dates.` With the EPA working on date of manufacture while the DOT dealt with `model year.` AND IF a 1967 Morgan was to be sold as a 1968 model year, Morgan did a preemptive attack on the upcoming regulations by offering this one particular unit on their late 1967 cars.

What else? Folding windshield brackets (last used on Morgans in early 1955 but occasionally retrofitted on later cars) and a pair of new Brooklands style racing screens. Neat `cause there is a wonderful feel of driving a classic British sports car with the windshield folded. (I know, NEVER have the windshield on my 1953 Morgan in the `up` position)

More? New seat belts front and rear, nicely tuned exhaust, period (and possibly original) wood steering wheel, radiator fins look great, brakes look like recently redone, 15` wire wheels with new radials, firewall painted to match the exterior (Morgan, of course, always carefully watching the pound sterling, just painted the firewalls in black), original heater, and (of course) a proper leather bonnet strap. Could very well be original.

On the road, with 105hp in a car weighing around 1,900 pounds, and lots of torque, one can easily start in 2nd and immediately shift to 4th, OR enjoy the precise shifting and the wonderful `feel` of a true classic. Of course, all of this is secondary to what should be obvious.....those sweeping wings, louvered bonnet, wire wheels, sure, much of which one can get in an early 50`s MG. But not 100+ hp, not disc brakes, not an unbreakable gearbox (same internals as a 265 hp mid 1960s E Type Jaguar, unbreakable back axle (same as used by Morgan into the 1990s).

A four seater? Well, being that my first Morgan, back in 1974, was a 1959 four seater and the last one I purchased (two years ago) was a 1953 four seater, am quite fond of this relatively rare model. WhichI have read, constituted around 10% of production. Because, to me, a four seater is a wonderful classic car.....front seats are proper seats, springs (etc), adjustable fore and aft, even the seat back angle can be adjusted (on a two seater, the seat cushion sits on a wood board). AND a real back seat, for real adults, or (as I have found), lots of shopping, picnic items (chairs and folding tables with room for a good sized cooler) OR even two other people. Very handy, yet when the tonneau covers the back seat, in my mind, looks a bit like a 3 liter Bentley of the 1920s.

After 47 years selling these cars, never remember driving a better Morgan 4 seater. Just in, ready for years and years and years of fun driving. Top down, WINDSHIELD down, and even in colder weather, a great classic that is easy to service, repair, and maintain.

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