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Year: 1967

Morris Minor Traveler


Stock # NE-1967-58

My own car and one I have enjoyed for years. Excellent bodywork and Almond green paint, all new chrome, remarkably well preserved wood framing, excellent floors, spring mounts, sills, etc

Rebuilt 1100cc engine, maintains 60 psi oil pressure, no smoke, easy cruising at 75 mph, excellent semi close ratio rib case gearbox, new brakes, doesn't miss a beat.

Essentially perfect (presumably redone) seats, carpets, panels, headliner, and rear deck. Just beautiful. And have added every conceivable option to make this car faultlessly reliable and fun to own/drive:
electronic ignition (never needs a tune up), back up solid state fuel pump, new shocks, digital stereo wth bluetooth and quality speakers, 12v/USB output on dash, on board trickle charger, powerful auxiliary heater that provide sufficient heat to allow driving all year round, new Smiths dual gauge (oil pressure/water temp) to monitor the engine, inertia reel belts, working interior light, and even nice door pockets.

For the past few years of seasonal use, it has never missed a beat and in drives around the area, it seems to attract more attention that any other car I own. Driving to work, today, was maintaining 75-80 mph which allowed me to be in the fast lane, never dropped before 65 psi oil pressure, steering is light and precise due to it being rack and pinion and having a sophisticated torsion bar suspension, with the rear seat folded forward it has been our favorite car to go shopping, with the 1100cc engine, can't say it is fast but it seems to meet any challenge...climbing hills, keeping up with traffic and getting fantastic fuel economy.

Parts are widely available as the Minor is considered the single most popular collector's car in England (as a combination of cost, ease or service, and use) and I have added everything I could imagine to offer a high degree or reliability.

This car was restored by a new car dealer in Florida, he died and we purchased it from his estate with 2,000 miles showing on the new speedo. Now 3,800 and I have enjoyed 1,800 trouble free miles. Heater is sufficiently powerful to make driving on a 20 degree day actually enjoyable and with all of the side windows open, equally as enjoyable on a 90 degree day. With new wiring harness and new electrics, never had an electrical issue. Note the installation of a remote brake fluid reservoir eliminating of the least enjoyable aspects of Morris Minor ownership (checking the brake fluid reservoir under the front carpets).

It has been a joy and now time for it to move to the next owner.

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