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Year: 1968

Morris Minor Panel Van


Stock # NE-1968-17

A very very rare Minor......a Panel Van as often used by small businesses, the Post Office, and other commercial uses in England.

And as rare as they these cars are in the U.S.A., THIS CAR is far rarer. Being factory fitted with twin side windows on each side of the rear bodywork.

Some notes on this subject.....have searched through publications on Morris Minors and the only mention of a Panel Van with windows states that it was done experimentally by BMC but due to putting the car in a higher tax bracket, the idea was dropped.

Have written to Morris Minor clubs and specialists in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the U.S. And what I learned was this special body was built when these cars were assembled in New Zealand. Which is from where the last owner told us he imported this Panel van. All of which ties in with the New Zealand inspection and club stickers on the windows. (and if anyone out thee has more information, would be thrilled to include it in our advertisements)

As for the car itself.....excellent floors and body, no indication of rust or repairs or patching or hiding any damage...underneath is genuinely excellent (maybe cars don't rust in New Zealand...this one certainly didn't), excellent 1100cc engine (we were told it was rebuilt and we checked....compression is 165 to 175 psi in every cylinder....like new) and rib case semi close ratio transmission, arrived with a noisy water pump and worn out radiator, installed a new water pump and high efficiency aluminum radiator. Wiring harness is either fairly new or excellent original, heater works as do all of the other electrics, even has a tow bar and trailer wiring plug. Runs well, no smoke, performance seems equal to my own 1100cc Morris Minor Traveler, and we just repainted the car in beautiful BMC Damask (a deep reddish wine color). Two part base coat/clear coat and hand wet sanded and buffed.

The chassis is heavy duty, boxed in members, tube shocks and stiffer rear springs (to carry more weight), UNLIKE the Morris Minor sedans and Travelers, these 'industrial' Minors are body on chassis and in this case, really excellent)

Ideal for a small business.....just parked outside a flower shop, bakery, or even a small shop refining U238 Plutonium for home self defense, the Minor is a very attractive attention getter. And a dandy car for local deliveries.

It runs very well, drives wonderfully, and unlike the other 99.9999% of the Minor vans floating around the world, has very effective rear and side visibility.

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