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Year: 1970

MallockMk XIB


Stock # NE-1970-13


Have raced and enjoyed this car for fourteen wonderful race seasons but the time to 'move on' has arrived and my race car is available for sale.

Original built as an open wheel Formula III car, over the years it was converted to UK Clubman spec and for a long, long time, raced in the USA as (depending on which group it was placed) a sports/racer, a Formula car, or a production car. In every group, in every race, the Mallock was always competitive with many 1st place finishes at Circuit Tremblant, Summit Point (my two favorite race courses), NJ Motorsport, New Hampshire, Watkins Glen, and Lime Rock.

The car....an advanced tubular space frame chassis, alloy skin and undertray, fiberglass nose and fenders. Unequal length front control arms, solid back axle VERY well located by advanced Watts Linkage and trailing arms (Mallock has been considered the best designer in locating a solid back axle), fully adjustable shocks and ride height at each corner.

Wheels are 9" front and 11" rear Minilite magnesium alloy wheels, four wheel disc brakes with twin master cylinders and adjustable balance bar. At my favorite tracks (in Quebec and West Virginia) I generally found no car on the course could out stop or out handle the Mallock.

Engine: freshly rebuilt, but never raced....bored and stroked 1600 711M block, new steel connecting rods, new forged Mahle pistons, new steel billet crankshaft, race camshaft from Dave Bean, carefully prepared alloy head (done on flow bench), roller rocker assembly, dry sump, twin 45 DCOE Weber carbs, AP solid racing clutch, the best of everything and the result is around 210hp and safe revs to 8,500rpm.

Mated to a rebuilt 4 speed Leeson dog box with very close ratio Jack Knight gears, 3.9 final drive, specially made steel axle shafts, and it all works together wonderfully. Have been competitive racing with early McLarens, Lola T70s, every variation of Porsche (911s are generally easy to beat, have raced with 910s and more potent cars), Cobras, super fast Shelby Mustangs, Chevron B16s, etc.

What else? Luminition ignition, on board fire system, adjustable front wing, chronometric 'Mallock labeled' tachometer (must be super rare), twin fuel pumps, fuel cell, tonneau cover, everything to meet most any race group's tech inspection. And, of course, a log book.

Weight is probably around 1100 to 1150 pounds, acceleration is dramatic, and while V8 powered racers (McLaren, Lola, 427 Cobra, and others I have raced against) generally pull ahead on the straights, none can equal the Mallock's ability to get through corners. And especially 'in the wet' where the Mallock seems to have some magical capabilities.

I first saw this car racing in the Bahamas (I was racing a Ginetta G-4) thirty years ago, and when, one day, it was offered to me, snapped it up, Did a test day at Lime Rock and my friend Frank and I ran it at the VRG Jefferson 500 endurance race. We qualified on the front row next to Hurley Haywood in a zillion horsepower Porsche 916, in the end, we finished on his tail (having lapped the rest of the field before the half way mark), 2nd overall, 1st in class. A great first race and now, 14 years later, time to hand it over to another racer.

For 'spares,' have alloy body panels, painted nose, spare wheels, sundry other things. A complete package AND for extra money, can supply an excellent very lightweight alloy trailer with a custom made frame and canopy I had made to fit the Mallock inside. Easy to load, has twin spare wheels, and can be pulled by virtually any tow vehicle.

I can't imagine a more perfect racer for the money. Reliable, super fast, awesome handling and braking, distinctive, great history (including inclusion in the only Mallock book I have ever seen....on page 102) AND one gets great support from Richard Mallock at the works in England. Parts, advice, whatever is needed.

A note about race results we just posted.....a qualifying race at Circuit Tremblant, fast and twisty......note the fourth pace finish (in the race, the next day, we finished 3rd behind the McLaren and only a few feet behind the Lola T70).......SUPER fast mid engined racers, the Ferrari (and, I suppose, the McLaren and Lola T70) being state of the art when the little Mallock was built yet finishing on the same lap, 1:19 behind. After nearly forty miles of racing, finishing less than 1 minute behind the McLaren and four seconds behind the Chevron (which we beat in the feature race). When I was racing the car, I felt it was the absolute best bang for the buck in historic racing. Can out handle and our brake most anything on the track and even with a mere 190hp (now, over 210), being able to be competitive with 500-600hp mid engined racers. Amazing.

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