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Year: 1970



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Stock # NE-1970-20


(Note: we just installed a full sunroof and we chose to leave `before` photos and add some `after` now that it installed. And soon to be fitted with a proper wind deflector. WHAT A DIFFERENCE in hot weather driving which I discovered when I installed an identical sunroof in my own 1974 BGT. Takes nothing away in the Winter but makes a huge difference in warm weather. Sunroof open, windows down, very similar to an open car. Hence, the installation we just performed)

In a world of `special` or maybe even `outrageous` cars, this one has to take the position of being, merely, incredible.

Last owner started his ten year project with an excellent running and driving rust free Southern BGT. And then began his engineering journey (and as a college trained automotive engineer, he sees to have know what he was doing). But first, the `big things:`

Excellent body with very good red paint, alloy bonnet, excellent floors (we were told it was painted by its previous owner while our guys suspect it is mostly original), excellent interior with comfy after market seats, and (it gets better)

Custom created, specially tuned, and remarkably effective fuel injection. Starts instantly, runs flawlessly, and not a carb in sight. Distributorless ignition, oil cooler, remote oil filter, Aeroquip braided metal lines in every direction in the engine bay, powerful radiator electric cooling fan, new wiring harness, nicely arranged relays and modern fuses, and (now, EVEN better).....

Rebuilt super close ratio Datsun 280zx five speed transmission with very high 0.75 fifth gear making highway speeds truly effortless. AND (now, even better) a special rear suspension minus the antiquated leaf springs, four link with tube shocks and coil springs.

Four wheel disc brakes and 15` Minilite wheels with high speed premium Sumitomo 195/65 H rated radials.

Falcon stainless steel exhaust system, new front kingpins and bushings, new wheel bearings and seals, rebuilt front shocks with competition valving, 3/4` front sway bar, twin fuel pumps, halogen headlights, small leather steering wheel, actually have page after page of improvements, upgrades, modifications, and some items I can barely understand. All working together in a wonderful example of these fantastic GT cars.

Think about it, what are the choices in a stylish, appealing British built classic GT car? And one easy to service and maintain? E Type Jags are expensive, classic Astons are a fortune, Triumph GT6s are too small, the variety is extremely limited. ALL reasons I have owned and enjoyed my own MGBGT for many years.

Want something better? I added a sunroof to my own GT (shown below) making hot weather driving very enjoyable. And a powerful auxiliary heater making my car as comfy/cozy as a contemporary car (in a cold Connecticut Winter). Both of which we can offer on his GT for sale.

What a car to take to shows. What a car to use on touring trips. What a car to drive.....any time and any place. And like no other MG you will ever see. (the photos of the white BGT are my own car, showing the sunroof we installed).

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