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Year: 1971

Triumph TR6


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1971-19

Excellent body with very good original red paint (and just spent two days wet sanding and buffing the exterior to a near show condition), excellent floors and chassis, no rust perforation, very clean engine bay and trunk compartment with new interior panels, excellent tan interior.

Excellent drive train, 150-155 psi compression in every cylinder, 65-70 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke cold or hot, quiet valves, excellent clutch operation, strong synchromesh, and no clunks in the rear end. We can see a lot of recent service work done...new alternator and fuel pump, new windshield rubber seals and compression strip, new brake calipers, pads and shoes, new brake flex lines, some new metal lines, and a new battery and coil.

Top is very good, tonneau appears to be new, carpets and dash are all in very good condition as are interior panels and seats.

Wiring looks like it has never been cut into, radiator fins are excellent as is the original cardboard radiator shroud. All signs of a properly serviced, cared for classic sports car.

As for the rest....lots of smooth power and torque from the 2.5 liter six cylinder engine, power assist disc brakes, the IRS offers a better ride than most other period sports cars, roomy, comfortable, ample trunk space (spare wheel is in its own compartment under the trunk floor,), and even has its original (working) AM-FM radio. Amazing, ORIGINAL radio!

Large diameter wheels/tires and high gearing offer comfortable highway cruising and these cars are perfect for either around town, country roads, or long distance touring. Reliable, easy to service and maintain, parts are widely available and easily accessed, and if you like the style of TRs, you will certainly enjoy this fifty two year old classic British sports car. And if you desire a racing style, we can install Minilite style alloy wheels and if you prefer a more traditional look, converting to wire wheels is easy.

A NOTE: during the past week, we received twenty inquiries and nine of them blurted out 'why is it so cheap?' Truth is, the car is owned by a friend who needs the car gone as he is in the process of buying a Lotus Super 7. As his friend, we did all of the prep work at cost, new calipers, new trunk kit, new alternator, buffing the exterior, etc.....and we have added zero mark up. His price is the buyer's. So, it isn't rusty, it doesn't blow clouds of blue smoke, it doesn't smash gears when shifting, no cracked windshield, no crummy wiring, it looks and runs great and now it is just a matter of who will buy it at a very reasonable price. That is, until we raise the price to a more reasonable $16,900. Which might make it sell faster..........

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