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Year: 1971

Morgan 1600 Competition


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1971-20


One of my absolute favorite cars, rebuilt and restored for my own collection. But due to space constraints, now for sale:

A lightweight, fast, great driving Morgan. A Morgan 1600 Competition.....four hundred pounds lighter than a Morgan Plus 4, lower and sleeker, a smooth powerful five main bearing short stroke Ford engine, quick shifting all synchromesh transmission, lighter steering, far better ride. And in this car's case, a powerful Cosworth-Ford engine with twin Webers.

Purchased from the widow of an owner on Cape Cod. When last registered, title stated' 40,900 ACTUAL miles' and now it just clicked past 46,000. Excellent chassis and wood framing, excellent aluminum body (lighter and will not rust), mostly new tan leather interior, just repainted in deep British Racing green in base coat/clear coat, two full days of hand wet sanding and buffing, wire wheels with all new splined hubs and knock offs.

Rebuilt 1700cc Cosworth Super Sprint engine, 140+hp, new twin Webers, headers, 711M block (the best), rebuilt all synchro 4 speed transmission (with high geared 3.77 differential...earlier Ford powered Morgans had a 4.56 diff and were buzzy on the highway...not this car), new dual master cylinder (for safety), disc brakes, new aluminum radiator, excellent (probably new) top, excellent side curtains and tonneau, all working gauges and electrics, excellent wiring and electrics, new 4.5kg FIA legal fire system (yes, cars CAN and sometimes DO catch on fire) with six nozzles, electronic ignition, shrouded electric radiator cooling fan,, on board trickle charger, reduction gear starter motor, digital stereo with bluetooth, racing battery cut off switch, 12v/USB output under dash, door pockets, powerful modern auxiliary heater, tried to include everything I have learned since my first Morgan back in early 1974. And we spent all of last Winter creating my idea of the ultimate Morgan. (note: this is NOT a racing car, just uses a lot of racing technology for added safety, use and performance)

The engine pulls strongly and have seen an easy 110 mph (and being that it wasn't near the redline, suspect the car had a lot more go go), wonderful ride, better steering than most any Morgan I have ever had, the safety of dual master cylinder, the reliability of modern ignition and twin fuel pumps, the beauty of wire wheels and a brand new burled wood dashboard.

And for pleasure driving out in the country, added folding windshield brackets and twin Brooklands racing Aero screens. Nothing better than top down AND windshield folded cruising.

Weighing around 1560 pounds and with 140hp, this car has a better power to weight ratio then a Lotus Elan Sprint. And is probably faster (they were rated in 126hp UK spec, at 0-60 in 6.2 seconds) and definitely has more torque. Quite the little performance car. Yet the engine is so well tuned that it pulls from 1,000 rpm in top gear without bucking. HUGE difference between this car and the average Triumph powered Plus 4.

While most who have had experience with Morgans, recall the low revving Triumph engine, stiff suspensions, heavy steering, and pre war design Moss gearbox with mediocre synchromesh, this Cosworth-Ford powered Morgan is like a breath of fresh air. Light, fast, smooth, very good, light steering, comfortable ride, effortless to shift, and positively beautiful.

FURTHERMORE: After 1968, and the institution of both EPA and DOT regulations, 1/ Plus 4s, the mainstay of Morgan exports to the USA, ceased to be built as Triumph, the supplier of the 4 cylinder TR4A engines, went to a longer six cylinder engine for the TR5...TR250 in the USA and it wasn't economical for Morgan to lengthen their chassis) 2/ the only post 1967 Morgans modified for USA sale were the V8 powered Plus 8s 3/ while Ford powered Morgans were sold in the USA 1955 to 1967, they were never brought in after 67 (other than the odd car brought in from Canada). HENCE, for the most part, the few later model Ford powered cars are RHD examples like mine.

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